Love Is like the Warm Sun that Shines on the Ice

“One way to discover fear is to take something you want to create, but fear you cannot, and list all the reasons why you cannot create it.  Then, turn those reasons into positive statements of why you can create what you want.  You will find that fear dissolves in the light of consciousness.  Love is like the warm sun that shines on the ice; it melts and dissolves any barriers, any areas of pain.  Like the ice, your fears will turn to water and evaporate.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

If you are having fears about something you want, then there is a barrier that will keep you from having it. Fear inhibits, always. Sanaya’s exercise will eliminate the barrier because it will eliminate the fear. So do write down exactly why you think you can’t have something you want. Be specific and very detailed. After your list is complete, go back over it, and turn those negative, fearful thoughts into positive ones. Why CAN you have what you really want?

You will think of many reasons, once this exercise is complete, why you can have what you want. And the block in your thinking will have been removed, paving the way for the law of attraction to do its wondrous work.


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