Fear — and Love

“[A]s you focus on something, you draw it out.  What you fear you draw to you.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

If what we fear, we draw to ourselves–then certainly we want to draw in love only.  But how do we get a stubborn fear out of our minds/hearts?

First, paradoxically, we focus on the fear.  We invite it by asking, metaphorically, of it what it wants of us.  We don’t draw back, because this creates even more fear.  We rest in the certainty that when we look on fear directly, fear loses its power over us.

We need to focus on the love in our lives, and we all have some–though we may focus on the one person who doesn’t return our love.  This is counter-productive.  There are always sources of love in our lives, and there is always God.  If we don’t blame Him for the things that go wrong for us, we will automatically and assuredly love His Entity.

Turn to God if love seems illusive. He never leaves us or forsakes us.  His way works, and nothing else does.


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