Daydreaming Our Future

“Imagine yourself in Jerusalem, putting your hand on the olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane or at the tomb where the stone was rolled away.  Don’t let negative considerations like lack of money creep in, because your unconscious mind will seize upon a negative signal just as readily as it will react to a positive one.

“Does this kind of dreaming, which is just another form of imaging, guarantee that someday you will find yourself in Rio or in the Holy Land or in England or Italy?  No, it doesn’t:  life doesn’t hand out ironclad guarantees.  But it raises the probabilities so enormously that it is foolish not to take advantage of it.”  Positive Imaging, by Norman Vincent Peale

“[I]t raises the probabilities so enormously” – yes!  Norman is describing visualization, and he wrote this book back in the last century, long before Rhonda popularized the law of attraction.  So it really is true that outstanding leaders in our world, such as Norman, have always known about the “secret,” the law of attraction.

In The Secret, we learn that one of the more effective techniques for visualization is to put plenty of motion in the visualization.  This motion makes the imaging seem more real to us.  We can imagine ourselves walking in Rio or the Holy Land or England or Italy, and make it real by imagining the steps we take and what we see when we walk along the street.  This is effective visualization.

If we have been accustomed to daydreaming, we have been visualizing for years.  Daydreaming is another way to think of evoking the law of attraction, another way to think of visualization.

Enjoy this law!  It is evidence of a benign universe, evidence of the love of God, including for those who do not believe in Him.

Freedom to Create Jewels of Our Moments

“Well do we perceive, once again, that so many in your world seek to find a spirituality that will free them of the world of their experience, never even realizing that that very attitude is the thing that chains them, imprisons them in their hell.  Spirituality is merely a process of seeing things differently.  And that is an active decision—born of desire, coupled with the little willingness called allowance—to recognize that each moment is like a jewel presented on a golden plate to you, God’s child.  You are the one who has the freedom always, and literally creates or makes your experience.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” WOM, Chapter 19, Page 259)

We literally create or make our experience.  If we resist what is before us, the force field becomes stronger, and we push away what we desire.  So, even as we seek to focus on what we want, we need to live in acceptance of what is before us.  We can’t change the undesirable if we have hate in our souls.  We only have to reach, with love, for the desirables in this world and beyond, and then we can have what we so much desire.

“[E]ach moment is like a jewel presented on a golden plate to you, God’s child.”  When we take this metaphor to heart, we walk a green earth.  We feel good, and feeling good is a prerequisite for the fulfillment of our wants.  Our mood needs to be lifted up to positivity.  If we drop into negativity, then our good feeling abandons us, and with it any hope that we have to attract our heart’s desire.

How do we manage to attract the desirable when we are such moody people?  We need to find a few activities/thoughts that we can do easily when a bad mood seems to come out of the blue.  Rhonda Byrne in The Secret calls these “secret shifters.”  I like to think of them as another jewel given to us in the Now, the present moment, a jewel that will transform our minds and hearts into loving.

And love is the fulfillment of the law.

Do Something that We Really Love

“Your focused, silent and open awareness of these heartfelt desires is enough to make the changes happen.  Realizing who you are is the biggest magnet to change in your everyday life.  It is not necessary or even useful to push for change on the material level.  The key is to feel deeply (but not emotionally) what you are longing for and to then leave it in the hands of your heart.  Just release and trust.”  The Jeshua Channelings, by Pamela Kribbe

How does one feel deeply, but not emotionally?  We don’t become “driven” about something.  If we become driven, we are living in fear, and fear pushes things away from us; we don’t get what we want, but what we don’t want.

Our heartfelt choices dictate the focus we will adopt, and that focus is the bottom line of the law of attraction.  We have to be very sure that when we think, and feel, we are not focusing on the opposite of what we want.  If we have a tendency to complain, perhaps focusing on the opposite is exactly what we are doing.

I sometimes feel draggy in the mornings, and I realize that this is calling more sedation to myself.  I need instead to focus on the opposite of “draggy,” to emphasize to myself, in a make-believe way, that I really have plenty of energy.  It doesn’t hurt to do something that raises the energy level also.  This means that we will be doing more than “make-believe”; I will be living it out.

So this morning I got on my laptop computer, and I started typing, a surefire way to raise energy levels.

You may have different issues, probably do.  Just think the “opposite” if there is any hint of negativity in what you are focusing upon.

Negativity is really fear, though we don’t often make the connection.  And love actually invokes the law of attraction better than anything else.

Do something that we love, and see if the desired quality doesn’t pop forth.

God Wants to Give His Beloved Children Every Good Thing

“The things of the world become translated into that which supports your ever-increasing joy, success, fun, pleasure, material improvement and new friends.  It supports all of it when you see through the eyes of Love.  Then you literally look at the world around you and finally get that it was never what you thought it was because you failed to separate yourself from God.”  “The Way of Knowing,” Lesson 29, The Way of Mastery

We don’t have to give up the things of this world when we want to walk a closer walk with God.  This is not a necessity, unless our inner being seems to be saying this to us, and we have tested it and found it to be true.

God wants to give His beloved children every good thing.  And the way to the miracle-mindedness that provides all things is a decision to love.  Yes, Love.  Rhonda Byrne, who popularized the law of attraction, has said the same.  We need to realize that we are out of alignment with the universe when we seek to get material blessings out of greed.  And this doesn’t work.  Greed doesn’t bring us blessings that last.  We get something that the law of attraction has manifested for us, but then we fall into a funk because this manifestation doesn’t hold to keep us happy.

Love does keep us happy, with or without the material blessings.  But why would a loving God prevent us from a fulfilling life, with blessings that provide for ALL of our needs?

He would not so prevent us.  His way, Love, is the elixir that provides everything that we would want.

Practice sending out loving thoughts to others, loving thoughts to ourselves, loving thoughts to God.

And our blessings will overflow, this day, this Now.

Ask Only

“Ask only:

“How can I extend my treasure this day?

“And lay up treasures where moth and dust cannot corrupt, that is, where time, materiality, the body and the world cannot ‘hook you.’  Rather lay up treasures that are in Heaven:  forgiveness, peace, unlimitedness, recognition of your unlimited power, that which brings you joy and puts a smile upon your countenance.  Lay up for yourself these treasures and all things shall be added unto you.”  (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 10, Page 129)

When we lay up these treasures—forgiveness, peace, etc.—we are seeking the Kingdom of God, called in A Course of Love, the House of Truth.  And, as the Bible says, “all things shall be added unto you.”  The biblical tenet is to seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.  And “righteousness” means “right-mindedness.”  We need a healed mind.

We know what positivity means, and these gifts from God are all positive.  Our own deluded minds have been lost in negativism for long years.  It is this negative slant of the ego that has done us in.  We wanted treasures that moth and dust corrupt, and we got them—to our detriment.

Now all that is changing for us.  We have sifted the good from the bad, and we know that corruptible gifts do not satisfy for long.  We want the intangible blessings from God that give us much joy—the Love, harmony, peace, joy, sense of unlimitedness.  And we can have them, for they are our birthright.  We have previously just been asking for the wrong things.

Let the law of attraction work for the best in life, the intangibles.  Then and only then will we know the peace that passeth understanding.  Then and only then will we know happiness that lasts.

Our way is being pointed out to us.  We are not so dense that we don’t see it.  We need simply to abide in God’s embrace, and all good things will be added unto us.

Living in Love to Create the Good

“I speak from the perspective of one who is an awakened Christ, who already knows how to birth universes to create that which is holy, good, and beautiful. I know that this is the way. It is the only way. Release the value you have attached to your experiences. . . and spend your time instead deciding which pebbles you are going to drop into the field of your mind. For you will create as the result of what you choose to think today. And what you value today will show itself to you tomorrow.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 9, Page 117)

If we don’t monitor our minds today, to create in this world the type of experiences that we long to have, then our tomorrows will disappoint us. This world responds to what we focus upon, something that is the law of attraction in operation. We need to lift our hearts and minds in love for what we encounter, even if that something seems sometimes to disappoint. God will do the rest. He will see that our experiences improve as our mind slant improves. It is just that simple.

Drop pebbles of contentment into our minds. This will turn around the things that have made us suffer; this will work. It takes some effort to turn around a negative mind slant, but we have the wherewithal to do so. Let’s make a decision today to live in the peace of God. Let’s make a decision to live in contentment, regardless of what this day brings.

Our decisions make our destiny. When we make a decision to love, then the peace of God descends upon us.

And we are happy.

Choose Again

“What you will experience in your tomorrows is only the effect of which pebbles you are choosing to drop into the field of your awareness as thoughts now.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 8, Page 104)

We often don’t think we are in control of our thoughts, but if not us, then who? It takes great patience to watch our thoughts, but do it we must, if we are to have good days. What we focus on, our awareness of what is in our world, determines what we see. Choose carefully, for our awareness will bring those things focused upon into our little world.

We can choose anew at any time. Let’s do so today if regretful things crowd into our minds and hearts. Spend a moment or two reassessing what we wish to have in our experience. Then choose again.

That is all.