“You attract situations into your life to learn from them.  One way to change every situation for the better is by responding with love.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

As ever on the spiritual pathway (and the spiritual pathway works best for the law of attraction), we are encouraged to respond with love. If we knew, if we believed, that our love for others, and God, and our self, would make everything better, wouldn’t we be encouraged to respond with love just all the time?

Give the soft answer if confronted with anger. Relax into God’s arms, and let Him tell us how to act.

He will not disappoint.

And every facet of life will get better.


Fear — and Love

“[A]s you focus on something, you draw it out.  What you fear you draw to you.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

If what we fear, we draw to ourselves–then certainly we want to draw in love only.  But how do we get a stubborn fear out of our minds/hearts?

First, paradoxically, we focus on the fear.  We invite it by asking, metaphorically, of it what it wants of us.  We don’t draw back, because this creates even more fear.  We rest in the certainty that when we look on fear directly, fear loses its power over us.

We need to focus on the love in our lives, and we all have some–though we may focus on the one person who doesn’t return our love.  This is counter-productive.  There are always sources of love in our lives, and there is always God.  If we don’t blame Him for the things that go wrong for us, we will automatically and assuredly love His Entity.

Turn to God if love seems illusive. He never leaves us or forsakes us.  His way works, and nothing else does.

Experiencing Other People’s Broadcasts

“If you are idly thinking of other people, you draw in whatever feeling they have or whatever level of thought they carry at that time.  If they are in pain, you draw it in.  That is why it is important when you think of other people to send them love, for when you are sending love or thinking of them with loving feelings you cannot pick up their broadcast.  If you notice people coming into your mind, radiate love to them and then let go of any thoughts of them.  Do not dwell on their situation or what is happening in their lives; do not make their reality your own.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

If we want to experience only good feelings when we think of others, we need to be in a loving frame of mind/heart. We live in an open universe; actually nothing is kept secret from our subconscious minds. When others are in a bad place, and we think of them, we will draw their feelings to ourselves. This is the unsettling truth.

We sometimes wonder why we become uneasy in our thoughts about another. We are drawing in their pain with the law of attraction. Send a loving thought in their direction, and we will bless them and be, once again, in peace ourselves.

 Inner Wisdom

“Develop the ability to produce a true picture of things as they really are and it will help you create what you want in physical reality.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

What does a “true picture” of  “things as they really are” show us?  It means that we are not fooling ourselves with rosy pictures if things are going badly, of course.  But more to the point, we are not looking upon true reality with a jaundiced view, seeing problems that could be easily solved if we consult our Inner Wisdom.

A friend counsels having a dialogue with our Inner Wisdom when we want to know the real truth of things.  We start with a question that begs for an Answer, then we listen in the silence for what our intuition prompts.  As the intuition develops on paper or computer, usually in very simple and straight-forward words, we see a solution to any problem arise.

This sounds easy, and it is.  Our faith that it will actually work might be the only thing holding us back.  

See reality as it truly is.  When we have a true picture of what we are encountering, we are then encouraged to visualize the better future.

That is all that is necessary.

Our Evolutionary Path

“Realize that you draw other people into your life to play out certain roles with you that will help you evolve.  Let go of any anger or blame you have toward them.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

When we draw other people toward us, we are using the law of attraction.  The enemies we develop in life may just be playing out a script that we helped write.  There is much “insanity” in the world that we don’t recognize as being mentally ill.  It is often this that makes for all the anger and blame we encounter.

We are on an evolutionary pathway, always seeking to improve the record we have made of our various lives.  This karmic record has much negativism in it, but when we implore God for mercy, then the law of grace enters in.  We no longer have to meet an eye with an eye, a tooth with a tooth.  God’s grace saves us all.

Discover how to live better by drawing to ourselves the solution as well as the problem, the problem being people that push our buttons.

There is a way out, and turning to the positive helps to find that way out.  We then attract the good things that we recognize as God’s blessings.  His grace sustains us through thick and thin; we are saved by His grace from fates that give us grief.

Sending Out Vibes

“Another person cannot hurt you unless you are hurting yourself.  You cannot be betrayed, undervalued, or unloved unless you are doing it to yourself by not valuing and loving yourself.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

This quotation stands behind the law of attraction because of our own focus.  We are indeed sending out vibes of negativity that attract similar negativity from our brothers and sisters in this world.

The obvious solution is to develop a better self-image–to love ourselves, as the New Testament encourages.  But remember that the New Testament says to love others as we love ourselves, and if we develop good habits, we will do just that.

If our focus continues to be on what is wrong with our lives, we will continue to attract that which hurts.  

When we raise our sights to a better place, then we change everything.

Do so today.  Practice doing so.

Belief and the Spiritual

“. . .[A} law which is stated succinctly in the dynamic and creative teachings of Jesus Christ: ‘If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.’ (Mark 9:23).  As you train your mind to believe, defeat tendencies are reversed, and everything tends to move out of the area of the impossible into that of the possible.  Stay Alive All Your Life, by Norman Vincent Peale

We need to let go of doubt and misgivings about the sad state of the world.  As stated 2,000 years ago, our belief is what will create a change.  This is the great secret.  When enough of us want peace, then peace in all its glory will descend upon us.

Spirituality works.  It is our own doubt, fueled by pessimism, that keeps the good things of life from descending upon us.

We can endure anything with the right attitude.  And we draw to ourselves the best things of life when we sustain faith in the ultimate working out of all things to the good.

Joy, Excitement, Anticipation

“The more you can believe you will have something, get excited, picture it in your mind, use your emotions of joy, excitement, and anticipation, the more quickly it will come.  However, remember that emotions of fear and doubt also create what they focus on, because you are thinking of them over and over.  When you fear something, you are thinking of what you do not want to happen, and it fills up a box labeled ‘What I do not want to happen,’ and sure enough, that box becomes full and then becomes reality.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

When we get excited about something, we are responding with passion, and we are sure to want that which prompts our excitement. We rev up our emotions, and the law of attraction responds to our heightened mood.

Turn aside from worry and fear, something that is easy to do if we distract ourselves. Those things that we fret about, we are asking for–though we don’t see it that way. Focus is the reason that these negatives can spring up in our lives. What we focus upon with passion is what we will attract.

Sanaya says that our desire will manifest “more quickly” if we add joy, excitement, and anticipation to our thoughts. These emotions emphasize the thoughts, making it obvious that our desire is very great.

So respond with passion to our heart’s desire. If we see it in our heart, then we are seeing it in the core of our being. And the passion signals depth, even unto our experience of God.

Our Soul and Faith and the Law of Attraction

“This, of course, does not mean you will get everything you want.  When you live on a faith basis your desire will be only for that which you can ask in God’s name.  But whatever you should have, whatever is good for you will be granted.  There is no limit to what God will give to those who practice His laws.”  Stay Alive All Your Life, by Norman Vincent Peale

The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne and friends, seems to say that the law of attraction is automatic, that the universe has no choice but to grant your plea for something you want, if you want it strongly enough.  I see a contradiction in this interpretation of what Rhonda has said, an interpretation that makes many people give up on the law of attraction because nothing happens.  I think “want strongly enough” must include “want deeply enough,” and I believe that this “deeply” is our very soul, joined to God in faith, speaking to us from the depths.

I believe it is our soul that makes the decisions about what we will get in this life.  If we superficially pray for something, nothing is going to happen, even if belief in that desire seems very strong.  It is the depth of the desire, drawing on the soul’s greater knowledge, that provides the drawing power.

I think our soul can veto our superficial wants.  If we delve deeply within, we will come to know our soul in a way that has been veiled previously.

Then I think the law of attraction faithfully attracts.  Our soul, joined to God in faith, is in this with us. 

To Believe without Doubt

“Asked to explain these accomplishments the father declares, ‘I simply learned to believe.  I kept on believing at all times even when everything seemed most difficult.’  And he added, ‘I also got busy and worked instead of wasting time and energy in complaining and feeling sorry for myself.”  Stay Alive All Your Life, by Norman Vincent Peale

Believing is VERY important.  Our certainty at the beginning of a doubtful undertaking is the only thing—the ONLY thing—that guarantees that we will succeed. 

This means that when something is really wrong for us, we know it—and we don’t “believe.”  This is self-protection.  And right and good.

Go inside and ask if this tempting thing is really good for us.  We can fool ourselves, but not for long—not when we really consult an inner knowing that we all have.  This inner knowing is the Holy Spirit speaking.  Or, if we are more secular, we can call this inner knowing our intuition.

We know.  When we fully believe, no doubt intervenes.  And the thing we desire manifests.