Depend on God

“No matter what we call it—the writer prefers the word subconscious—it is recognized as the essence of life, and the limits of its power are unknown.  It never sleeps.  It comes to our support in times of great trouble, it warns us of impending danger, often it aids us to do that which seems impossible.  It guides us in many ways and when properly employed performs so-called miracles.”  The Magic of Believing, by Claude Bristol

Claude calls this magical part of ourselves the “subconscious.”  Richard Carlson calls it “wisdom.”  It is actually the Holy Spirit, so called in spiritual circles.  A Course of Love calls it the Christ-Self, from whom we get our guidance when we have walked farther along the pathway back to God.

We don’t have to struggle so to get what we want in life.  If we open ourselves to God, depending on Him, then our life becomes effortless.  We know what to do and when to do it.  But this takes a radical acceptance of the flow of life.  We can’t flip back and forth to our egoic will, or we will be lost.

Let the larger Will, the genie in the bottle, run our lives.  Ask, just ask, what we might best attract.  We will spin our wheels if we ask amiss.  We will in all likelihood get what we ask for, but will it make us happy?  Ah, yes, that is the big question.

Depend on God by whatever name we call Him.  We do all want effortless living, and we can have it when we put guidance first.

Surrender Our Need to Spirit

“When we place our financial affairs in the hands of Spirit, we experience calm.  We find ourselves in touch with an inner wisdom.  We are clear about our priorities.  Freed from anxiety, depression, and a sense of emergency, we make wise choices.”  Prosperity Every Day, by Julia Cameron

If we are worried because the law of attraction hasn’t brought us more money, then this quotation will speak to our minds and hearts.  We need to surrender to the hands of Spirit, a surrender that will calm us.  Spirit is certain of the bigger picture, always a bigger picture that wishes us no harm.

Perhaps we have ourselves all tangled up about finances.  A state of unrest and agitation is no state in which we can manifest well.  It takes a one-pointed mind, certain of its truth, to focus effectively.  And if we are uncertain that it is a divine wish that we have more, just at this time, we are focusing amiss.

We need to give up “anxiety, depression, and a sense of emergency.”  As we go forward with a clear mind, we will know—from an inner knowing—what the best wish for manifestation really is.  New ideas will flow into our quiet mind.  We will realize what is the best way to proceed.

Perhaps we are confusing ourselves with our desires for “more.”  Perhaps the divine guidance that we all receive is seeking to have us dwell on the abundance that is already ours.  And, even with very little, we can appreciate what we have and be grateful for it.

The solution is always with the problem.  If financial remuneration doesn’t come, see what larger picture we are missing.

Ask for ideas from God’s storehouse.  He knows best how to answer our genuine need.  Sometimes what we need is not just handed to us.  We have to do something.  And praying for ideas of what to do will be the solution to our difficulties.

God Dwells in Ideas

“As we change our thinking, we change our world.  As I choose to invoke divine help in my financial affairs, I find myself making many a conscious choice that moves me from pessimism to optimism.  I am vigilant to discard all negativity.  My word is positive and powerful.”  Prosperity Every Day, by Julia Cameron

If we ask God to help us move to a more positive outlook, we have done the single most important thing to bring serenity to our financial situation.  We attract the more positive outcomes by the focus that we bring to them.  We therefore have the wherewithal to attract prosperity to ourselves.

We can see change right away, because God gives good ideas to help us.  His storehouses are filled with ideas, not gold.  These ideas for change in our lives impact our finances as much as anything else in our daily lives.  We will think of ways that we can improve our situation, and these ways will ultimately bring prosperity to us.

Prosperity is not simply money.  God can show us how to handle what we have, how to feel abundance even when objectively we have very little.  Abundance is not always a mountain of gold.  Abundance is the will to use what we have in the best possible way.  It is sometimes an attitude toward budget planning.  God gets very practical in His advice.

Ask for ideas today that will move us to better financial planning.  Ask to know what to do, what changes to make, in our life situation that will attract more abundance.  Remember that we are really looking for a change of mind; we are not really looking for more money than we would know how to handle if blessed with it.

Ideas are the currency in which God dwells as He seeks to bring us to greater prosperity.  Ask for ideas for optimal change today.


“Anticipation feels better than anxiety—but it’s not happiness.  Thinking about the future and setting goals is fine, but don’t mistake it for the simple, uncomplicated, non-contingent feeling of happiness:  the feeling of being grateful right now for no reason other than the fact that you are alive.”  You Can Be Happy No Matter What, by Richard Carlson

I know that most of the good times in my early life were when I was anticipating something that I thought would be good.  This anticipation does create positivity, and by the law of attraction, the good feeling will build on itself, and bring the things that want to us.

But as time passes, we can see that some of this is hollow.  Are we always to anticipate, and never arrive?  When we just anticipate, without dwelling on the good things that have already arrived, we are setting ourselves up to want a next thing, and a next, and a next, never stopping to appreciate what we have already received.

We know that without appreciation, our efforts with the law of attraction fall flat.  Gratitude counts for quite a lot.

So anticipation of our desires, a good frame of mind because we see good coming, is not to be lamented.  But we also need to stop and smell the roses.  Be thankful for what we already have.  Otherwise, we keep having “contingent” happiness, contingent on getting future goals.  Without the continual receipt, we fall on our faces.  And we don’t want to do that.

Stop today.  Be grateful for our many blessings already.  Don’t get lost on the treadmill of more-more-more as necessary to satisfy ourselves.


“Prosperity isn’t about money.  It is about the sense of safety that comes to us from knowing we are well cared for.  Prosperity is a matter of faith.  When we believe in a benevolent Universe, one that looks out for our needs and wants, we feel prosperous.”  Prosperity Every Day, by Julia Cameron

We all need a sense of safety.  We can have this, whether our resources are abundant or limited.  Those who have little by way of material goods are often happier than those who have much, because these individuals find a way to be grateful just for the gift of life.

Gratitude makes all the difference.  When we are not grateful, we stop our good from coming forth.  I have even read that if we order our lives in all particulars just right, but lack gratitude, we deny all the good, and we are kept in poverty of the spirit.

Our Universe is benevolent.  We can imagine God as a new husband, eager to please his wife.  When the new husband does things to please, and he finds appreciation, he wants to do more and more.  This human way of thinking of God has meant a lot to me over the years.

Prosperity is ultimately of the spirit.  We always want another, and another, and another, material good.  But when the spirit is satisfied, we are happy.

And we are then truly prosperous.

Heart & Soul Belief

“[M]ost of the sustained and continuing manifestations come as a result of belief.  It is through this belief with its strange power that miracles happen and that peculiar phenomena occur for which there appears to be no known explanation.  I refer now to deep-seated belief—a firm and positive conviction that goes through every fibre of your being—when you believe it ‘heart and soul,’ as the saying goes.”  The Magic of Believing, by Claude Bristol

This explanation goes a long way toward explaining why we don’t always get that which we seek to manifest.  If we can’t believe in “heart and soul” that what we want is really right for us, we will have self-doubt, and then the desired object will not manifest.

Belief is the crucial point, the point that Jesus makes in the assertion that is posted on my blog.  We can’t have true belief if we aren’t sure that what we want is right for us.  And this, on the surface of our mind, is disconcerting.

First, go within our mind and heart, seeking to understand if this thing we want is right for us.  If it doesn’t feel right, really feel right, then there will be no good outcome.  We have to get our superficial wants in line with what our inner Self really wants to manifest.

Then the desired object will come into view—when our belief is firm, true to the Self, and certain of its rightness.

“Heart and soul”—that is the elixir that will bring our heart’s desire to us.

Image of a Box Filled with Desired Treasures

“Think of a box that represents what you want.  Every time you think about what you want the box becomes fuller, and when critical mass is reached the box becomes reality.  If there is something you think of repeatedly, at a certain point it will manifest.  How long this takes is determined by the strength of your belief that it will come, and the intensity of your focus and desire to have it.  This does not apply if you what you want must come from other people, for you only have control over your reality, not theirs.  Wanting something from people that they do not want to give will usually push them away.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

Sanaya has an instructive image to lead us into manifesting, a box that becomes fuller as we focus on what we want.  She says it will come about, but only if what we want is not dependent on acquiring that thing from someone else.  Demands upon others usually don’t work out well and can even drive people away.

Sanaya encourages us to think about our desires often.  If we don’t push these things away by our own negativism, then the manifestation is cleared to come.

I would add that we need to be sure that our intuitive feelings are on the beam of these desired outcomes.  If intuitively we doubt, then doubt becomes what we are requesting, and our manifestation cannot come about.  Our intuition is my way of letting God speak.  We need to clear our desires with a Higher Power, because otherwise what we want so badly could end up hurting us.

With a clear mind and a warm heart, mull over the things that we want to add to our lives.  Be sure that they are “right” things, that we don’t doubt about that rightness, and then the way to manifest by the law of attraction will actualize.


“Life guides us in the direction it wants us to go through our deep longings.”  Creating True Prosperity, by Shakti Gawain

Our deep longings point out what is true for us at any given point.  We follow along peacefully for a while.  And we know that peace.

Eventually we may change directions, because the longings have been only temporary, not permanent.

Life is filled with change, and longings do change.  When we see a better way, we pursue it.  And then life turns out better because of the change.

This longing is most keenly observed in our romantic relationships.  And especially when we are young and innocent.  We may develop an intense longing, and love, for a given person, only to have it either develop into a holy love, or, contrarily, to disappear in the mists, ending.  These longings are the most poignant, touch our emotions the most.

If we can just realize when we are young and innocent that life does go on, change and grow into something better suited for us, then we can walk a green earth again.

We have attracted what was right for us at the time.  Now we are attracting what is right for us now.

And now is where we want to focus.

Seek to Attract Love

“You attract everything that happens in your life.”  COL bk.2, 17:III

This quotation, attributed to Jesus in Choose Only Love, is a firm affirmation of the law of attraction.  Taken on the surface, it doesn’t seem to make any sense.  Surely we don’t attract the awful circumstances with which many of us are faced this day?  On some level, we may.  But it is not the level of the personal self; if anything, if we can believe this assertion, it is on the level of the soul—a soul who sees more than our vision can give us while on earth.

If this is true, and I believe it is, then we need to put more time into attracting love in our lives.  The way to do this is to practice faith and trust in God, the kind of faith and trust in God that we saw emulated by Jesus in his life on earth.  He set the example that we all need, all must, follow.  When we follow faith and trust to their logical conclusion, we have to realize that a loving God has allowed the things that happen to us.  And this is because he has never for a moment contemplated removing free will from the gifts he gives to us.

Seek to attract more loving thoughts by accentuating faith and trust in God today.  The love will make all the difference.  The love will save us.

God Is a Positive Thinker

Dear God,

If I keep my mind and heart on the positive vein, then what happens will, I believe, be on the positive vein.  I will have an attitude that encourages the right response to whatever happens.  Otherwise, I would be my own worst enemy.

Let me keep this thought in the forefront.  You would have us walk through challenging times with our heart attuned to You.  And You are Love and positivity in essence.

Thank You for being You.

Amen.  –personal reflection, posted on the author’s blog, “Prayers to the Cosmos.”

We make such a difference in our world when we do think positively.  I know that positive thinking has gotten a bad rap in the world in the years since Norman Vincent Peale first popularized it.  What seems to be a simplistic notion is actually another way of viewing the law of attraction.  If we focus on the positive, we get the positive—more often than not, unless our subconscious mind is working against us.  If we focus on the negative, the negative is what transpires in our experience.

How do we explain the difficult circumstances in which we find ourselves now?  Have all of us been thinking way too negatively?

I think that we have.  Our slant toward egotism has foiled us.  We need to raise our sights to a better way of interacting with the world.  We need to acknowledge our God.  We need to spend time in contemplation/meditation and prayer.  These are ways that we can cleanse our subconscious mind and heart of the negativism that threatens to engulf us.

Know that we can make a difference in what we experience by changing our focus.  Look to the heavens for a better view.

And we will be rewarded with a more peaceful world.