All that We Are Is a Result of What We Have Thought

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”  Buddha

Sometimes we believe that if we change behavior, we will have improved ourselves and by the improvement get more of what we want.  This is particularly prevalent in ideas of acting “as if,” because acting “as if” is behavior-motivated.

But it is with our thoughts that we need to work.  This changing cause, not effect.  Behavior is the effect, and you can’t switch these two around and expect to get anywhere.

When we need to improve our life situation, we need to go within and contemplate.  What exactly needs to change in our thought?  And what new thoughts do we need to have that will change everything?

Our reading will help us in this regard.  But the advice of the Holy Spirit, the internal Source, will help us much, much more.

Be still, and see what ideas for transformation occur to us.

We will be deeply inspired.  Not to mention deeply surprised.


Our Focus Determines What We Will Get

“Every thought you have makes up some segment of the world you see.  It is with your thoughts, then, that we must work, if you perception of the world is to be changed.”  A Course in Miracles, Workbook Lesson 23

As Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, makes plain:  Our thoughts determine our feelings.  Richard Carlson says the same thing.  And if we focus our thoughts into negativity, we will undoubtedly bring negative feelings, as well as negative things, to us.  It is the focus AND the negativity that is at fault when we don’t have good things flowing to us. As we create our world, our thoughts are interacting with that world, constantly.

If we work with our thoughts, as A Course in Miracles makes plain, and re-slant our thoughts to happier things, we will win out spectacularly.  Often it is just a tiny change to remove focus from something negative, and choose its opposite—something positive.  The thing we will get will be diametrically opposite.

What we focus upon with our thoughts is what we will get.  And our feelings will alert us to our mistakes if we are thinking awry.

What Do We Really Want from Life?

“This friend asked her a direct question, ‘What do you really want from life?  You will need to answer that question specifically, before you will have any chance of getting it.’  It was a wise question, for goals are never reached unless they are first specifically formed in the mind.”  Stay Alive All Your Life, by Norman Vincent Peale

Be specific if we want the law of attraction to help us. A fuzzy sense of goals will not do it. Just muddling along will not do it. A journal will help to clarify our thinking. Put goals in writing, and then spend quiet time reflecting upon what has been written. Ask if, in heart of hearts, we really want and expect this thing. if we think too strongly that it will never come, then it simply won’t. So doubt must be banished.

Doubt cannot be banished if in our heart of hearts we think we are not asking for something good for us, if we doubt that God would want us to have it, if we doubt that we would want really to have it–once it might have arrived.

Retire to a journal and sort out our thinking. The benefits are great. And there is no down side.


 “When you ask for God’s help and at the same time negate your prayer by doubting that you are going to get it, your prayer will be answered by denial.  How could the answer be otherwise for obviously the real prayer is one of doubt.”  Stay Alive All Your Life, by Norman Vincent Peale

If we doubt, we short-circuit God’s real gifts.  We set up a screen of denial that can be very hard to break out of.

There are two reasons that this situation may come about.  We may not truly believe that there is God Who answers personal prayer.  We may be fundamental doubters.  I don’t think this pleases God at all, but through it all He continues to love us and even to present opportunities for us to drop this negativity from our minds and hearts.  When we hold the idea that God may just be listening, we open ourselves to an avalanche of good things cascading down upon our heads.

The second reason that doubt can get such a hold on us is that we have low self-esteem.  We think we are not worthy.  This may take root if we feel guilty in our relationship to the universe, in other words, if we think that we are going to be punished for our lack of belief in the benign nature of reality.

If we can entertain such the smidgen of a thought and feeling that maybe we have been wrong to be hoodwinked by doubt, we are on the road to a success unimagined in our weaker hours.

Just open the door to belief by a crack.  A loving Father will meet you halfway and more.

Spiritual Path

“You can receive so much more than you may have thought to ask for.  Asking for spiritual qualities and spiritual evolution will lift you higher and make it easier to have everything else in your life you have been wanting.  You can ask for more light, joy, peace, clarity, love, wisdom, vision, and to find and to follow your higher path.”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

The spiritual path is the easy path. As in AA, we can turn to our God as we conceive him to be. We don’t have to follow a path that is foreign to us. We don’t have to have faith in things that we don’t quite believe.

God will meet us where we are. I believe we are His beloved children, with whom He delights in keeping in conversation all through the day. We can ask for qualities, such as Sanaya mentioned in the quotation for today. All are spiritual qualities, and each one will take a person one step farther along the path to a good life, a life lived with universal and ultimate reality.

God does not ask us to believe when we are doubtful. He just wants us to open our mind and heart to love, and all of us have loved someone in our lifetimes. That love can be the the opener to God. I think God does not demand belief, but instead takes us where we are, and leads us gently to a higher pathway in life.

We will get more of what we want when we seek higher qualities rather than develop materialistic qualities that don’t satisfy for long. The material is not denigrated, though. We are encouraged to live a full life, and the material is part of that.

I think there is a tendency in us to believe that if we have material objects that we want, then we will turn to spiritual values. It works better to operate in just the reverse. Seek the spiritual, and then all these things are added unto us.

Just remember the immaterial, higher qualities of wisdom, vision, harmony, peace, joy–and we will be on the right track, finally.


“What would you like to receive from the Universe right now?  Use your imagination and ask for all you can think of.  Example:  I am open to receiving all of the resources I need to create my higher purpose.”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

What a great way Sanaya has recommended for letting the law of attraction bring us what will make us glad.  Use our imagination to ask!!  If we get in a mellow place, not a greedy one, we will know best what to ask for.  We will be “on the beam” with God.

Her example (in the quotation above) is an all-encompassing one, but not all of our asking needs to be so sweeping.  Go to a journal and list whatever occurs.  Do this almost without thinking, just whatever occurs to the mind/heart.  We can read over the list later on and delete what is not worthy of us.  We can edit—but we need to edit later on.

When we get quiet within, often we are accessing the Holy Spirit, Who will speak to our innermost being, where He resides, and send us in the best and right direction.

Make a list now.  That’s what I’m going to do.


“When we’re stuck in old patterns of victimhood, we draw the same situations to ourselves again and again (there’s that Law of Attraction at work).  You see this all the time—for example, the woman who ends up in the same type of unhealthy relationship over and over.  Different man, same problems.”  Marci Shimoff, Happy for No Reason

If we feel sorry for ourselves, have self-pity, then we are playing the victim of life itself.  We may not be blaming God, but we are in a blaming mode, and eventually that blaming mode will take us to blaming the Creator Himself.

We aren’t helping ourselves in such a situation.  It is a dead end.  I don’t believe that God is responsible for the bad things that happen to us.  We live in a fallen world, and we ourselves have spend eons lost in separation from God; it may take us a while to be rescued from such dismal circumstances.  In a physical world, due simply to the way things work, we may get hurt—physically or emotionally.  If we sing a sad tune, the distress is heightened.  We are playing the victim.

This victimhood is especially obvious when it comes to love relationships.  There are no easy answers to break ourselves out of a pattern of misplaced choices.  But the principal thing we can do is to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, realizing that it is we who have done this thing, and it is up to us, with prayerful guidance, to turn things around.

We can make new choices.  We can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  A few moments of lifting our sights to a better experience is the initial point of departure. 

Make a decision to give up our tendency to blame someone else, especially our tendency to blame the Almighty.  Ask for the help that is our birthright, the guidance that will get us out of the messes we have made.

Just relax in God’s arms, and know that the next thought that occurs is the guidance that we have been seeking. If the next thought will harm no one at all, we need not be hesitant to follow this internal advice.

Adding the Psychic to the Law of Attraction

“. . .To think, say, and do something which you do not truly believe is impossible.  Therefore, the process of creation must include belief, or knowing.  This is absolute faith.  This is beyond hoping.  This is knowing of a certainty. . . .”  Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God, Book 1.

What Neale is saying is actually when the psychic comes into play when we are invoking the law of attraction. If we are unsure, have doubts, lack confidence, then our asking is in vain because we know in our innermost being that we are asking for something that simply isn’t for us. When we believe, on the other hand, we are intuiting that our desires are fruitful, that we are asking in God’s will, and that what we are asking for will come into being.

There is a difference in all this. And when we go inside, get quiet, and ask, we will know whether or not what we want is really right for us. If we are not sure we are praying the right prayer, we need to think again.

If our desires seem out of kilter with our innermost knowing, then we need to simply ask what IS right for us. What will give us joy? How might we live our lives to attract that which is right for us? What do we do now?

Ask for a heightening of the psychic in our lives. We will not be disappointed when what we have intuited all along actually comes true.


“Ask!  We cannot give you anything unless you ask.  The Universe waits for you to ask.  When you see it coming, be willing to take and receive it.  When the opportunity comes, grab it!  Thank and acknowledge the Universe for it, and you can create heaven on Earth.”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

Yes, we must ask! Rhonda Byrne, who popularized the law of attraction in The Secret and later books, has made this clear (as did the people she quoted).

Asking is not something that comes naturally to many of us. We think we are being greedy, asking for what we want. I know that I have, over my lifetime, felt that I was being greedy if I asked for what I want. My mother told me that when I was little, she and my dad had a hard time with Santa Claus, because I wouldn’t give them any clue about what I wanted.

That idea, for me, has continued into adult life.

None of us wants to be greedy. But when we have gone within, and sought the guidance of the universe (think God), we are right to ask of Him what we truly want. We need to be sure that we really want these things. Our conviction about knowing we what we want is very important.

Then thank God when the thing arrives. Take time to enjoy it. Take time to feel blessed, for we are truly blessed.

Recognize the Gifts

“You can begin to imagine joy, peace, and harmony as your birthright.  Focus, clarity, and love are available for the asking.  Request a vision of your higher purpose, and be willing to recognize the gifts every day as they come, even the small things.  The more you acknowledge what the Universe is sending you, the more you can bring into your life.”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

Gratitude for what we have, rather than constantly asking–without pause–for more is a secret of the universe, meaning God. I sometimes think that God is like a loving and devoted husband, who longs to give us more and more, in love, when we like and appreciate already what we have been given. This sometimes happens often when we are new to our relationship to God. He responds as a new husband might, returning a multitude of gifts to the one who shows gratefulness.

I don’t know why gratitude is so important, except to know that ingratitude–its reverse–is a negative, and negativity revokes the law of attraction. When we have a full heart, filled with gratitude, we are normally feeling love, and love is the greatest “secret” of this universes and their God. Love makes things happen for the good. Its reverse, fear, is the negative that unhinges everything.

So say a little prayer of gratefulness today for what we have already been given. This may well open the floodgates of heaven, and we will be blessed indeed with our heart’s desire.