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The universe is always answering your questions.  And when you ask unclear questions, you get unclear answers.  (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 5, Page 60)

Jesus’ practical advice shines through today’s quotation.  “And when you ask unclear questions, you get unclear answers.”  Yes!  We need to get clear in our minds (and hearts) what we really want, then ask, believing that our agreed-upon goal will manifest.  Then we only need wait (and not wait long) for the manifestation to appear.

Believing is the crux of the matter.  And when we don’t really believe, then we are trying to force something into our reality that is not in our contract for this lifetime.  Our innermost Self knows that this way is not for us; we are only with a request.  When we truly believe a thing, then we are on the beam of the pathway for our lifetime.  We need do no more, for we will see it become ours.

What are we committed to in this lifetime?  Spend a while contemplating this important question.  Let it permeate the subconscious mind.  Then, with a clear mind, revisit the question.  If we have turned the decision of commitment over to our deepest mind, we will have a knowing that has eluded us until then.


Blessing from God

Note:  Re-posted from my Miracles Each Day blog.

Does God play any role in the law of attraction other than seemingly being a genie in a bottle?

The law of attraction entered the mainstream just a little over ten years ago, primarily encouraged by Rhonda Byrne and The Secret (both book and film).  The initial writing seemed to downplay any role that God might have in our lives.  The focus was, quite a bit, on egoic thoughts and material possessions.  To her credit, later writing by Rhonda in The Power and The Magic does make a return to traditional spiritual values of love and gratitude, respectively.

The law of attraction is often a secular way of receiving God’s blessings when we are too conflicted to hold a belief about a deity. But I think it is a blessing from God to keep us on the right track.  I think God doesn’t really care if we disbelieve; he doesn’t have an ego to need the praise that traditional religion often asks us to make.  So, using our minds, even though they are not spiritually attuned, will often get us what we want.  This is the bottom line of the law of attraction.

Having a faith in God can bring us a much more fulfilling life, though.  Just trying to think positively, and trying to feel good all the time, won’t do it for us—and it is these points that are often made about how to attract what we want.

What we want will fail us unless there is a deeper Mystery to ponder.  Getting what we want is not the final answer because at some point we will be saying, “Is this all there is?”

A full surrender to a Higher Power (as we understand this Power) will ensure a better life.  And this is classic spirituality.

Behind Every Word Flows Energy

“As Sonia Choquette, spiritual teacher, advises us, ‘The power of the word is real whether or not you are conscious of it.  Your words are the bricks and mortar of the dreams you want to realize.  Behind every word flows energy.’”  Julia Cameron, The Right to Write

I have heard that speaking the word is more powerful than thinking the word.  And here Sonia would seem to agree.  Writing the word is particularly powerful, too, for we emphasize in our writing that what we write is what we believe to be true.  And belief, in the law of attraction, is all-powerful.

Recently I said something that I didn’t want to see actualized, but was a fear of mine.  Immediately I said (as I had read), “Cancel!  Cancel!”   And I hope that I succeeded.

“Behind every word flows energy,” as Sonia says.  We can enhance the likelihood that our desires will manifest by speaking them aloud.  Of course, this advice flies in the face of the idea that there is power in secrecy.  But secrecy for its own sake is a misnomer.  We are not, any of us, alone in our thoughts.  Telepathy actually works, and so particularly our nearest and dearest do know what is going on with us.  Our words will give power to what we want.

Of course, we don’t have to verbalize our desires for them to manifest.

It just sometimes helps.

And, if there is nobody to listen (or who wants to listen), writing out our desires solidifies them as manifestations.  Keep a journal, keep a record of the dates of our entries, and we have proof that what we are desiring is coming into our sights.


“The following passage comes from the Gospel of Matthew in the Holy Scriptures, and it has mystified, confused, and been misunderstood by many people over the centuries.

“Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance.  Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.”

“You have to admit that when you read the passage it appears unjust, as it seems to be saying that the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.  But there’s a riddle to be solved in this passage, a mystery to uncover, and when you know it a new world will have opened up for you.

“The answer to the mystery that has eluded so many for centure is in one hidden word:  gratitude.

“Whoever has gratitude will be given more, and he or she will have an abundance.  Whoever does not have gratitude, even what he or she has will be taken from him or her.”

“By the revelation of one hidden word, a cryptic text is made crystal clear.”  Rhonda Byrne, The Magic

Most spiritual traditions tell us that being grateful for our lives and what we have in them is a necessary component of a full life.  If we believe that God needs our praise, then I can see that expressing thanks to Him in our prayers would make sense.  But I have had more trouble understanding the “why” of gratitude since I don’t believe God needs us to tell Him how wonderful He is.  (Jesus says this in A Course in Miracles.)

Of course, I can understand that we need gratitude.  It opens our heart.  And, not incidentally, it makes us just feel good.  Writing about the Law of Attraction, particularly Rhonda Byrne’s The Magic, says that without gratitude our wishes for a more abundant life will fall on deaf ears in the universe.  But is not a rote recall of things we are grateful for just seem to be manipulation of ultimate reality?

Our heart needs to be in the right place when we are expressing thanks for the blessings of our life.  We need not to be manipulative, we need not to say “thanks” just because it does feel good.

There is a higher reason for gratitude.

I know that I appreciate my life, and that is a good start.  Gratitude does warms our heart, and maybe that is reason enough to be diligent in feeling and expressing gratitude for our lives.

Gratitude does keep us in the right pathway back to God.  Separation healed, we are on our way.  And with it, the abundant life.


We Choose Our Experiences

Just as you would go to a grocery store and choose what you will have for dinner and then go home and experience your creation so too do you choose each experience.  (“The Way of the Heart,” Way of Mastery (Christ Mind Trilogy), Chapter 2, Page 13)

The Way of the Heart was channeled live by a man who prefers to be known by a nickname that he spells “Jayem.”  His full name is Jon Marc Hammer.  He believes that he simply leaves his body and lets Jesus take over.  He recalls nothing that has been said in his “absence,” but recordings are made.

If Jesus is saying these things, and many believe that he is, then it does behoove those of us on the spiritual pathway to listen up.  This sentence, in quotation, simply says that we choose our own experiences in life by nothing more exotic than taking a trip to the grocery store.  While this does not sound very lofty, it helps us to identify ourselves in everyday life.  The Way of Mastery is filled with down-to-earth allusions like this.

Saying that we choose our experiences is very much like saying that we attract what we want.  And this “attracting what we want” is the essence of the law of attraction.

Come close to Jesus as you hear these words conveyed by Jayem.  Know that the experiences that we choose, that on some level of our psyche we choose, is what life is all about.


As you observe these connectors, you’ll note that they don’t dwell on illness and disease.  They move through their life as if their body is in perfect health.  Wayne W. Dyer, The Power of Intention

Connectors, according to Wayne, are those people in life who are tuned into the world and other people in it in a way that eludes many of us.  One of the things that they do best is to understand the law of attraction.  So to them it makes perfect sense to dwell on health.  Even if their health is compromised at any time.

We know that dwelling on sickness can only bring more of it to us.  What we focus on grows.  So the best way to proceed if our bodies/minds are compromised by illness at any point is to seek the best treatment we can find and afford, and then just let it go.  Let the doctors treat the illness.  We focus on the end point that we want, which is healing.  And healing can be emotional as well as physical.

Our healing has been emotional if we are no longer “stuck” on thinking about the illness just all the time.  If we are focusing on living the best way that we can.

This may not be easy, but it works.  Taking our mind off pain has been proved by research studies actually to lessen the awareness of pain.  The pain is reduced.  And this type of thinking can help any condition with which we are faced.

Of course, the best way to proceed is to focus on perfect health before any illness arrives.  Don’t dwell on “might be’s” or “what if’s.”

Know that our God is for wellness all the way, and when we cooperate with the laws of his universe, such as the law of attraction, we are in a good place.  Our focus makes the difference.

Walking a Green Earth Again

“I gave her the belief that she was herself the cause of her suffering, that she had somehow brought it about.  There is an important idea in Nietzsche, of Amor fati, the ‘love of your fate,’ which is in fact your life.  As he says, if you say no to a single factor in your life, you have unraveled the whole thing.  Furthermore, the more challenging or threatening the situation of context to be assimilated and affirmed, the greater the stature of the person who can achieve it.  The demon that you can swallow gives you its power, and the greater life’s pain, the greater life’s reply.

“My friend had thought, ‘God did this to me.’  I told her, ‘No, you did it to yourself.  The God is within you. . . .If you find that place in yourself from which you brought this thing about, you will be able to live with it and affirm it, perhaps even enjoy it, as your life.”  Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

We are bringing about what we experience from the depths of our being, where God is.  The “genie” is not external, but internal.  And if we have not communed with our God, then our attempts to attract experiences and objects into our lives by the law of attraction, the manifestation will be hollow.  We simply will not long enjoy what we have attracted.

All of us know how fleeting is the sense of pleasure we get from material objects.  We want a nice car; we get it, and then too often we begin to take it for granted, and we are off to another object of desire.

There is no end to it.  The ego will tease us onward, but our continual happiness will be missing.

When we look within, though, where God resides, and we commune with Him, we find that our attractive power takes a giant leap forward.  We start asking for experiences that do fulfill us.  Our boredom with the material is assuaged.  We live peacefully and contentedly with what life brings, even if the objective experience is not all wonderful.

Our pain too may have something to show us.  And then, wondrously, it will cease to be pain.

The surety of happiness is built on a whole life, and when we take responsibility for the whole of what happens to us, we walk a green earth again.