Stop & Smell the Roses

“So the next time you wake up in the morning and don’t feel like doing anything, if it’s possible, honor that feeling and stay with it for awhile.  If it’s not possible right then, find a time in the near future when you can relax fully into being energy.  Although it may not be obvious at first, many riches will come from this simple practice.  Cultivating a balance of doing and being energies is the key to experiencing prosperity of time—a very important aspect of true prosperity.”  Shakti Gawain, Creating True Prosperity

When we race around doing things, we lose sight of ourselves.  Why attract good things with the law of attraction if we are not present enough to enjoy them?  So Shakti has a good point.  We need to take the time to have enough time to enjoy our lives.  A compulsive need to do all the time is counterproductive to our being.

We may initially feel lazy when we slow down.  Especially if we linger in bed on a Saturday morning.  But there is a difference between laziness and a relaxed approach to living.  And all of us—all of us—could stand to relax about our living.  We have been in the rat race too long.  Now is the time to reassess and see if we are actually appreciating the good things that we have already attracted in our lives.  Why should a Higher Power give us more if we don’t appreciate what we have already?

Just being is important to our future development.  When we come to the end of our lives, I have long heard that we won’t regret that we didn’t spend more time at the office.  At that time, at the end, we will just want the love from our significant others that we have perhaps taken for granted far too long.

Slow down and live.  Or, as they say often, “Stop and smell the roses.”

Love Is Life in All Its Abundance

“Because love cannot be contained, because love is life in all its abundance, then we can easily understand that behind the desire to possess objects is the desire to possess love.”  Choose Only Love, bk.2, 1:I

It is true that most of us want material goods in all their abundance for an easeful life.  There is a deeper meaning here, though.  We think if we can just get some trinket, we will feel better about ourselves.  But the trinket never holds its worth.  We always want more and more.

Only when we are satisfied in love will we come to be satisfied.  We are created for love.  Of course, significant others are not always in our lives.  We do lose people, either from rejection or death.

There is always a way, though, to welcome love into our life.  The world is filled with people, lonely people, who reach out for trinkets but don’t reach out to each other.

This situation can change.  When we commune with our God, we discover that we are loved, just as we are.  We don’t need anything special to augment our desirability, because God accepts us just as we are.

His love will soften our attitudes, give us the wherewithal to find our brothers and sisters in this world who need us.  And when we reach out, we will find reciprocation.  Over time, we will find others who love us.

Don’t reach for something material when there are our brothers and sisters who need our love, who are starving for our love.  And we too will always benefit, for love is our real abundance.

To Enjoy!

“Start enjoying the journey of life.”  Choose Only Love bk.2, 8:IV

Yes!  It doesn’t make any sense to make ourselves miserable, even when times are tough, and tough times come to all of us.  The journey of life is meant to be a healing adventure in which subconscious, fearful thoughts give way to love.  When we open up to love in our lives, we know all the difference.  And we start to enjoy what we are experiencing.  What a difference this makes!

We can start right away.  There is no need to wait for a rainbow to appear in our lives.  We can offer our thanks for the many blessings that we have, and the act of doing so will enhance our experience.  Just saying the words throughout the day will actually make the blessings grow.  We will see all manner of things, good things, that we have overlooked before.

Ask to enjoy our lives.  We may have many lives, but we experience each one only in the Now.  And if we rue the Now, we rue our lives.  Negativity also kicks in, and with it the law of attraction, which says that what we focus upon grows.  We can get ourselves going downward in spiral of lamentable happenings.  This we don’t want.

So the advice to “enjoy” our journey is solidly based in a law of the universe.  God’s law.  And it behooves us to take heed and do what we can to lift our spirits on a constant basis.

Turn any fretting over to God.  He is much better equipped to handle it than we are!  And He is not burdened by the fretting, as we are.  He will take our current state of mind and heart and lift them to new heights.

Just enjoy the scenery on our journey through life.

Covenant of Souls

“Sons and daughters of truth, you summon to yourselves in time that which you have agreed to outside of time, in the covenant of souls.”  Choose Only Love bk.2, 8:III

This word from Choose Only Love seems to say that we put together a contract ahead of time for the lives that we will live.  We decide the outline of our life.  If this is true, and I think it is, then this reassurance is helpful in the extreme.

We can know that what we live through was, at least partially, thought through in advance.  What happens may come as a surprise when we are on earth, but not in another realm.  We knew in advance what we were signing up for.

The law of attraction is also in operation here.  We “summon” to ourselves what we will experience.  This too is reassuring.  Nobody is doing this to us.  We are doing it to ourselves, and if this is true, we can change what we do not like.  A contract can be modified if we find ourselves lapsing into negativity, and thereby attracting bad things to ourselves.

I don’t believe that we would have chosen things on the Other Side, before birth, that would be detrimental to our soul’s advancement.  And so we can realize that we are only gaining from the experiences that we have.

Let us take the overarching view today.  Let us imagine that what we are experiencing is only for our ultimate good.

And if we want to change our attitude about what happens, this is only a thought away.  Others will help, for, after all this is a “covenant” of souls.  We agree to our part in this covenant.

Faith Moves Mountains

“. . .I believe and know creativity to be a spiritual issue.  ‘Faith moves mountains’—Christ told us that, and he may have meant literally.”  Julia Cameron, Walking in This World.

Julia Cameron, author of this quotation, believes very sincerely in a God Who acts in this world.  When she prays, she believes that He moves in her circle to open doors for her with her writing.

We can believe that same about anything that we want to experience.  Julia’s “mountain” are the odds against publishing and getting acclaim for it.  Our mountain may be something else entirely, but we will find that God moves in our direction when we move in his.  By the law of attraction, we attract what we focus upon.  This moves God to act.

I don’t think that God causes bad things to happen.  I think that is all a matter of free will in our world, a gift that God gave to us that He will never take back.  Our free will is and ought to be precious to us, but it does get us into trouble sometimes.  And this tests our faith.

Decide to focus on that which will uplift.

Then the mountains before us will truly move.

Gather the Harvest that Is Ours

Everything you attract in your life is perfect because, in agreement with God, it is what you have created as your experience on Earth. . . .[W]e are remembering today:  to stop spreading guilt and to start gathering the harvest that is already yours. . . .”  Choose Only Love:  Let Yourself Be Loved (COL bk.2, 8:I)

We are living a perfect life.  Oh, I know it might not seem like that, but it is the truth—for everything that happens to us has been ordained by God for our lifting up into Christ-consciousness and salvific living.  Even if we are in pain, still this is true.  Even if we are suffering, still this is true.  If we wrap our minds and hearts around this idea, we will know a peace that has eluded us until now.  We will know that all is right in our little world.

A Course in Miracles says that it is not necessary to learn through pain, that learning through rewards is more lasting.  If we can believe this, we can alter the pain and suffering that we sometimes bring to ourselves.  Often our guilt is what has attracted the negativity, and guilt is a false witness to the love of God.  If we gather our harvest, we will know that there is no good reason for us to punish ourselves anymore.  We are blessed children, creations, of God, and it is time that we started believing that and living it accordingly.

Accept this truth of being into our being today.  Live with God in our minds and hearts, and He will do all the rest.  God needs only our cooperation to bring everything good into our lives.

Yes, Everything We Attract Is Perfect, Chosen in Agreement with God

“Everything you attract in your life is perfect because, in agreement with God, it is what you have created as your experience on Earth.  Accept the fact that it is you—and only you—that fabricates guilt and scatters it about.  Recall that it was said, ‘He who does not gather with me, scatters.’  That is what we are remembering today:  to stop spreading guilt and to start gathering the harvest that is already yours, that together we sowed.”  Choose Only Love:  Let Yourself Be Loved (COL bk.2, 8:I)

This is the law of attraction in operation, written in a channeled spiritual text.  In agreement with God, then, we have created what we experience as our experience on earth.  When we think we have done wrong, we find guilt in our thinking, our words, our actions.  But we need to just seek to stop spreading guilt into our experience, for it is a false issue, born of the ego.  And the ego is not something that we want to reinforce any longer.

We know that our experiences are not always good, but even these can be redeemed.  God will work with us to redeem them, and then we will be more likely to understand that everything that happens is, in its own way, perfect.  We are learning what we need to know, and if the learning leads us into the negative, we will learn better next time.  We will cease hurting ourselves by the negative, and certainly guilt is one such negative.  If guilt has any redeeming value, it is that it stops us from the same bad thought, word, or deed next time.

We thus are ever climbing up a mountain back to God, where everything we find is a joyous encounter.

We Are in the Driver’s Seat with What We Experience

“Whether it is a beautiful building or a beautiful painting, all that you are ever experiencing is something that you have drawn to yourself through the medium of the body.  It is an experience, and that is all.  You are the unlimited one who is in the driver’s seat.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” WOM, Chapter 13, Page 162)

How many of us can actually feel in the driver’s seat, especially now?  Jesus’ words sound foreign to us, but I believe he means what he says.  But it is our soul that is making these decisions of what to experience.

The little self, persona, that we are frequently resists what arrives for us to experience.  We can be glad that a “smarter” part of ourselves is actually in the driver’s seat.  This is the Self, Self with a capital “S.”  And we are all One in the Self, a part of God Himself.

It helps to see ourselves, in our greater essence, as “unlimited.”  If we chafe at restrictions now, we can realize that our soul has chosen this pathway—not only our soul, but the Self whom we share with all other brothers and sisters.  We are in this together.

Discover Our Legitimate Power by Focusing on the Positive

What we dwell upon manifests.  And if we think lots of negative thoughts about ourselves, we will see ourselves as very weak and ineffectual.  On the other hand, if we focus on what we have done right, our legitimate power will overwhelm us, and we will walk a green earth.  We will draw our power to ourselves, good power, effective action, harmonious relationships.

We all have a mix of qualities.  The problem becomes for us that we don’t think well of ourselves.  We blame ourselves for the times in our lives that things have happened that we regret.  This lack of self-love then grows and grows, making right action more difficult down the road.

We don’t want to be conceited, of course.  But genuine caring about ourselves is the kernel from which right action in the future will spring.  Genuine love for ourselves will build into right behaviors and more love, especially for our brothers and sisters who share this planet with us.

To grieve for wrong action is counterproductive.  If we need forgiveness, let us seek it, know that it is forthcoming, and then move forward with our lives.  To stay stuck in unhappiness only promulgates unhappiness.  To stay stuck in happiness is to know that Love will cure whatever ails us.

Help Is Always Near

“If someone you know is experiencing lack, limitation, or difficulties, and not yet at the level to understand he or she has created these conditions to grow, telling this person that he or she created these circumstances may only make him or her feel worse.  Assist people on the level they are at, and help them recognize how they created their problems only when they are ready.”  Sanaya Roman, Spiritual Growth

This quotation takes some explanation.  Actually we are in a mass hallucination, or dream, a composite dream to which everyone has contributed.  We are all One.  So it is slightly inaccurate to think that we are responsible for everything that occurs in our world.

Our personal world is our charge, though.  Our attitude makes a lot of difference, and we can effect change in our personal world when we seek solutions to our problems.  The solution is always with the problem, but because there is no time (time is an illusion), we frequently have to wait to see the working out of our problems.  Most importantly, we ought not to blame ourselves if trapped in chaos.

But we can make things better, and that is where the law of attraction comes in.  A variant of the law is the self-fulfilling prophecy, in that what we expect to happen often does come true—because we do things to make it come true.  We can seek help of a Higher Power, and in the help that is given, we will better handle whatever comes along.  This is how God helps; He helps us function better.

How we think about something does make a difference.  We are part of the mass hallucination, but we don’t have to be defeated by that thought.  If we sink deep within, where God is, we will learn much about how to attract, through the law of attraction, what we need to solve any and all problems.

Remember that there is always a factor of time to work things out.  But we can rise above the challenges when we know that Help is always near.