Powerful Expectations

“Your beliefs about reality create your experience of it.

“This dynamic can happen in subtle ways.  If you think people do not accept you as you are, and that you must try hard to please them, then you will draw those kinds of people into your life.  You may find that you end up seeing friends at the times they are tired and do not have anything to give.  Whatever you believe to be true about friends or any person in your life, you will create that experience of them.  If you say and believe, ‘This man or woman is warm and friendly toward me,’ you will create that in the relationship.”  Sanaya Roman

Sanaya is saying that our expectations determine our reality.  If we think that our friends are warm and loving, then almost always this will be our experience.  If this seems fanciful, realize that this is just the law of attraction in operation.  In fact, the unfriendly individuals with whom we have been in relationship will fade out of our lives, and we will be attracted to those of a more loving nature.

Does this include our significant others?  Our own attitudes make such a difference.  We don’t have to change partners if our partner is not all that we would desire.  As we ourselves change in what we want and expect, we will automatically see a difference in others, including especially our significant others.

Our own loving nature invites the loving response from others.

Try it and see.  Think long and hard, and pray, for an improved relationship with all that we encounter.

We will not be disappointed.


Focusing Wisely

“You must want your emotional health even more than you want to get rid of your emotional distress.  Remember, your attention is the key to your success.  If your attention is on how much you want to get rid of your pain, then your attention is on your pain.  But if your attention is directed toward your healthy functioning, your inner peace, that is exactly where you will be headed.”  Richard Carlson

How true!   Even before we knew the law of attraction, we would know that focusing on negativity cannot move us to what we really want, the positive.  Positivity accomplishes all.   If we focus on pain, we know that pain will result; turn today to a better view, a considered turn to what we truly want—peace, love, joy in our daily round.

We might wonder how this slight chance could make all the difference.  It is just the matter of focus, and we know that what we focus on expands.  If down in the dumps, we don’t help matters by feeling sorry for ourselves.  We need to reach outside ourselves to something better.  I have heard that in such times, we ought to “do something for somebody—quick!”  That is a good capsule definition of what our neurosis of pain is doing to us, keeping us turned inward so that we don’t see beyond the four walls of our little room.

Distraction helps at such times.  Nobody can indulge neurosis long when deliberately shifting our mood to something higher and brighter.  Get busy with something—almost anything—and watch the clouds drift away, at least the storm clouds.

The sky will clear with white, fluffy clouds that give us a taste of something divine.

Turning to the Almighty

“Remember, and this is one of the most difficult as well as most wonderful statements to grasp.  Remember that no matter what the difficulty is, no matter where it is, matter who is affected, you have no patient but yourself; you have nothing to do but convince yourself of the truth which you desire to see manifested.”  Charles Haanel

The ”truth which you desire to see manifested” is our smooth path through life.  We just need to take ourselves in hand and realize that it is we ourselves who are making for the happiness or the difficulties in our life.  There is no other “patient” but ourselves.

It is so frustrating to read the law of attraction, and to read “just change your mind,” and then we feel powerless to make that change.  The secret to change lies in our relationship to the infinite, to God Himself.

When we rest in the knowledge that God loves us and that His help is a free offer, we rest in power that can change the world, especially our little part of the world.

God: “I Will Be Handling Life for You Today”

“You are never alone in anything you do, unless you think you are alone, which is a scary thought for anyone.  When you know that you have the power of the Universe responding to your every thought, waiting and ready to help you accomplish anything, then your fear will disappear.

“You have the greatest ally, which has access to all energy everywhere.  Nothing can stand in its way—and all you have to do for your Universal partner is believe.”  Rhonda Byrne

Dr. Wayne Dyer quoted something that is very relevant here.  I use it as a lengthy mantra:

“Good morning.  This is God.  I will be handling all of your problems today.  I won’t need your help, so have a miraculous day.”

We are never living this life all by ourselves.  God is living through us, and when we let our ego get out of the way, we have a smooth day, smooth sailing.  I have altered Wayne’s message with something a bit more positive, “I will be handling life for you today.”  We don’t want too even think about problems, because that is a focus on what we don’t want.

The energy of God, the energy of all Creation, all universes everywhere, is available to us today.

We can succeed in whatever we believe we can do.  Only we must be sure that we have stellar intentions.  Our intentions determine what will happen.  And being in league with the positivity of the Almighty gives us a life that is good beyond our wildest imagination.

The Buddha

“We are what we think.  All that we are arises with our thoughts.  With our thoughts, we make our world.”  Buddha

Isn’t it reassuring to see quotations of religious figures, as they comment the tenets of the law of attraction?  It reassures that people who have known the most about the way things really are, are right in the same room with their ideas.

We see the same on this blog with Jesus.  And now with the Buddha.  Our laws of spirituality are the same as the law of attraction, or the law of love (as it is sometimes called).

If we don’t think “properly,” we are lost to the good life.  And the Buddha makes this clear.  Our way back to God and right living requires that we consider the law of attraction in our dealings in this world.

This is not a wholly spiritual law of attraction, for individuals may use the law to summon secular objects to themselves.  But it is all a matter of knowing how far along the pathway to spirituality we want to go.

The law of love, or attraction, takes us there.

Uplift Even the World

“There is no doubt that when using the law of attraction for the good of everyone, you are connecting yourself to great power.  However, the law is also available to you individually so that you may live your life to the fullest.  When you live your life to the fullest you have so much more to give others.

“Your pain and misery does not help the world.  But your joy and your life lived fully uplifts the world.”  Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda’s words are inspired.  Here we have a quotation from the woman who brought the secret of the law of attraction to a worldwide audience.  And in this quotation, she gives us a reason to help the world and not just ourselves.

If we are downcast, feeling the pain and misery of our life, then we are on a wrong path.  Of course, until the law of attraction has taken full force, there may be residual pain and misery with which we are contending.  These symptoms will not last when we have learned how to live the law, but early on, they may be a problem.

Know that in thinking and feeling good things, each of us is moving the world toward a new creation.  Our world is old, worn, and weary, and when we actually elevate our thoughts and feelings, choosing to be optimistic about the world’s chances, we are helping myriads of other people.

If we don’t want to do it for ourselves, then surely the unselfish fact of doing it for the world will motivate us.  There is no selfishness in the law of attraction when we view it in this way.

And altruism is something that calls out to all of us.

Joy of Living

“A feeling that greater possessions, no matter of what kind they may be, will of themselves bring contentment or happiness, is a misunderstanding.  No person, place, or thing can give you happiness.  They may give you cause for happiness and a feeling of contentment, but the joy of Living comes from within.”  Genevieve Behrend

How do we welcome the joy of Living from within?  I think we need to get all quiet and rest in gratitude to God, for it is by His hand that we have anything at all.

Sure, we can attract to ourselves by what we think and feel, but this is a law of the Universe, created by God Himself.  It is a somewhat secular law, in that we don’t have to be believers to merit the good will of the Almighty.  When we get quiet and commune with Something larger and grander than we are, we are seeing ourselves in a right light.  We are seeing that we ourselves can’t know it all, and so we cooperate with the Mysteries.

The possessions that we attract will pale over time, unless we keep our eyes on that which is larger than ourselves.  When we do this, we automatically have the joy of Living that Genevieve encourages in this quotation.  We automatically know that we are blessed to be alive.

Gratitude prompts our greater joy, encourages the Powers that be to rain more blessings upon our heads.   If we get quiet and feel a gratefulness for what we have, then the way if primed for more and more to come to us—good things, nothing to rue.