Self-Created Experience

Until you fully decide to come into life as the presence of Christ, as the presence of Love, and to own each moment of your experience as wholly self-created, for no other reason than that you have chosen it from the perfect and infinite freedom of your unlimited being, life has not yet begun.  (“The Way of the Heart,” The Way of Mastery, Lesson 6, Page 79)

Have we truly been living?  Or have we merely been existing?  This is not an unimportant point.  We have been creating our reality, and we haven’t known how to do that very well.  We have often seen ourselves as victims of others, as victims of our experience in life.

This attitude is not accurate.  We have been making the decisions that brought our experiences in life to us.  We have been doing the manifesting.  Just because we didn’t know how to do this very well is no reason to blame anybody else, to blame others.  It has all been our fault.

Now Jesus is showing us the way to manifest, to truly own each self-created moment.  He is teaching us how to live.  We will not truly live until we know what we are about.  Until we stop blaming others for our plight in life.

We are the instigators, the manifesting entities.  We need to look with fresh eyes upon our experiences, knowing that in forgiveness of others lies our reward.  They have not done anything, for they have acted in innocence, in illusion.  True reality has not been affected.  The harmony, joy, peace, mellowness are still here for us to dwell in.  But to get to that height of passion, we need to recognize that our brothers and sisters have done nothing to us, in reality; they have just been pawns in a larger game.

Forgive our experiences and the people who seemed to perpetrate them.  Forgive and thereby be free.


No Accidental Universe

“The choice for many has seemed to be ‘Would you rather be right or happy?’  Only the ego would choose being right over happiness.  As you observe your body, also observe its actions in terms of the choices it makes.  Ask yourself, ‘What choice may have led to this situation or event?’  For choice is always involved before the fact.  Nothing happens to the Son of God by accident.  This observation will help to put the responsibility of your life back into your hands, where it belongs.  You are not helpless, nor are you at the whim of forces beyond your control.  The only force beyond your control is your own mind, and this need not be.  What you begin to ask yourself, What choice might lead to happiness instead of this, you will begin to see a difference in your body’s response to what appear to be external events, and then a change in the external events themselves.”  A Course of Love, C:10.17

We live in a sympathetic, friendly universe where nothing happens by chance.  Of course, we don’t understand when bad things happen to good people.  We can’t see the whole picture.  But our soul knows, for our soul is less finite than are we.  Our soul is merged with God Himself.  And our soul, ultimately, makes these decisions that seem so hard to comprehend, why bad things happen to good people.

We don’t see the whole.  I don’t think there is an answer to suffering that we could ever comprehend while we live on earth.  I do think that we will understand more of the “why” on the Other Side, where we go after death.  Still we will not know that much more, for finiteness rules on the Other Side also.

If we just know that the universe is friendly, that God is friendly to us, we will have made a giant step forward.  And when we deliberately set about attracting good things, the few bad ones that happen won’t seem so devastating.  And good things come when we use the law of attraction for just such good things.

We would rather be happy than “right.”  It is just that simple.  Choose an understanding of the universe that gives us peace.

And the peace comes when we recognize that there is a purpose behind all things that happen.  We don’t have to recognize what that purpose is in order to cooperate with it.

Then and only then, in our cooperation, will we be happy.

What You Think Determines What You Become

“What you think, what you have been thinking over a long period of time, what you are going to think in the days ahead will determine precisely what you are and the kind of world you live in.  What you think determines what you become.

“Change your thoughts and you will change your world.  Change your thoughts correctly and everything will change into inner peace, happiness and personal power.”  A Guide to Confident Living, by Norman Vincent Peale

Norman says it well, though he has come in for his share of controversy for allegedly being too simple.  As he points out, the best minds among us have the power to be simple—just to take an idea, dwell on its truth, and then actualize it in our lives.

The quotation offers us peace, happiness, power, when we turn to God in our thoughts.  His is an early affirmation of the law of attraction.  We need to get our minds straightened out, don’t we, when things are going badly.  We can do this, if we turn to the highest and best that is in us.  And the highest and best that is in us is God Himself, Who dwells within.

Norman says elsewhere that when we get into trouble, we need to cool our emotions, indeed make them very cold.  Don’t emote; instead, think.  When we allow ourselves to calm down, God Himself can speak to us.  Otherwise, even God can’t get through the static we are creating in our minds.

Allow peace to descend upon us.  Then ask what you will of the Deity.  If a thought occurs to you after this prayer, a benign thought, act upon it.

You may be taking the first step out of the woods.

Life Takes on a Glow

“You need to find out what enough means for you.  The key is to find the flow that makes you happy, that gives you the feeling that you are living life to the fullest.  That is the flow of enough.  You can recognize it not by the amount of material goods you possess but by the sense of joy and fulfillment you have in your everyday life.  Enough is a feeling, not a thing.”  The Jeshua Channelings, by Pamela Kribbe

Don’t all of us want to live life to the fullest?  To do so, we do, in fact, need to have “enough.”  The definition of enough that I mean is actually good abundance.  And when our needs and at least some of our wants are satisfied, our minds are freed of worry and then we feel at peace to live life to the fullest.  Enough abundance.

Don’t think that opulence will always satisfy.  Many very wealthy people live discontented lives.  Either they still think they don’t have enough, or they are terrified that the stock market will fail.

To live a contented life, we have to have faith in the goodness of the universe.  To live a contented life, we have to have the security that we will always be taken care of.  The blessing of a benign universe usually means that we sense God’s protective care.

If we trust God and the positive universe, a friendly universe, then we will know for sure when we have enough.

Life will take on a glow, and our good experience in this world will be assured.


“So please consider your attitude toward material abundance at the deepest level and feel how the flow of abundance indeed offers you the possibility to help build a new earth, to realize your dreams on the densest plane of reality.  This is not the time to withdraw yourself from society, to meditate by yourself on top of a mountain.  It is time for participation.  It is time to let your energy flow into this world and freely receive all that comes back to you in return.  Do not be afraid to receive abundance.  Honoring your own input, receiving enough in exchange for your efforts, is part of being a well-balanced spiritual being.  The Jeshua Channelings, by Pamela Kribbe

We are meant to be happy in the dense reality that is our world, the earth.  We are spiritual beings living a physical life.  And we need physical abundance, nearly always, to live well in a physical reality.  There is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about our wants.  On the other hand, our wants are intended to lead us to be a well-balanced spiritual being.

We can make an improved contribution when our wants are addressed, an improved contribution to the world on which we find ourselves.  We do not always find that God says “yes” to all our wants, but we can be very sure that he always gives the nod to our needs.  We can be very sure that He has our well-being in view, and if we have a need, He will give us the wherewithal to satisfy it.

Wants are often material, but needs are, by contrast, often intangible.  We are actually happier with the intangible, though rarely do we realize this.  Experience with having the intangible will prove its worth.  The emotions of love, joy, peace, harmony will give us peace when material treasures have faded in giving lasting happiness.

Pray for our heart’s desire.  Test it to see if it is a good thing.  Be very sure that we are asking for love, for that is always the bottom line.

Symbol Manifested

“Just as you would go to a grocery store and choose what you will have for dinner and then go home and experience your creation so too do you choose each experience.  When you choose a perception, you lodge it in the mind.  Then it expresses itself through the body, through the environment that you create around yourself and through the friends that you would call into your awareness.  Every aspect of the life you live is the symbol of what you have chosen to experience and, therefore, to convey throughout creation.” (“The Way of the Heart,” Way of Mastery, Chapter 2, Page 13)

This quotation teaches us something new about the law of attraction, in that some of what we experience is but a symbol of what we want.  This is the truth that Sanaya Roman has made clear.  She says that we may not get the exact thing that we have hoped to experience, but we will always get its essence.

Sanaya goes further by recommending that we ask or pray for the essence, because she realizes that we will be better satisfied with this essence.

What does “essence” mean?  Essence is the embodiment of the kernel of what we want.  It is, for example, prosperity that may not come by money as such.  But we will be so blessed by the prosperity that we won’t even miss the money.

Think over our desired manifestations.  Have we had their symbol actualized?

If so, our prayers have been answered in the affirmative.

We Influence the Universe

Re-posted from my “Miracles Each Day” blog.

You come to see that you cannot think a thought without disturbing the farthest of stars.  (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 5, Page 63)

Our thoughts contain worlds, and influence worlds.  We have not believed this truth, not because it is so unbelievable, but because we feared the ramifications.  If we know this, ought not we to do something major with our lives?  Ought we to realize that we can affect the very course of history? 

We are not powerless, but very powerful.  And as bits of foam on the tips of waves in the ocean which is God, we will grow in grace as we realize how powerful we really are.  When we allow God’s direction to manifest in our lives, we will accomplish much that would have seemed impossible previously.  Of course, we won’t know how strong our influence really is, and perhaps this is wise, for the ego might try to win back our allegiance by guile.  The ego is very cunning, and its patterns are still a part of our mind.  The farther away we can run from these patterns of the ego, the better off we will be.  And the greater our influence really will turn out to be.

Ask for guidance, for we do not want to harm anybody with our thoughts and feelings.  We don’t want to adversely affect anything, and if we allow God’s gentle direction, we will not cause ripples in the ocean that is our home in God.  We will know His magnitude, and this magnitude will erase the cunning of the ego in its false majesty.