What You Experience You Have Directly and Deliberately Called to Yourself

“In each and every moment, you cannot be a victim of what you see, and nothing is outside of you.  What you experience you have directly and deliberately called to yourself.  If you hold the thought, ‘I do not like what I have called to myself,’ that is perfectly fine.  For you have called to yourself the experience of being in judgment of yourself.  Merely look with the wonder of a child and see what it feels like and ask yourself, ‘Is this an energy I wish to continue in or would I choose something else?’”  (“The Way of the Heart,” in Way of Mastery (Christ Mind Trilogy), Chapter 1, Page 3)

This quotation is from a work channeled by an individual who prefers to be known as Jayem.  The message is believed by many to be from Jesus.  And here, if so, the message echoes A Course in Miracles, also believed to be a channeled work of Jesus.

Whether or not we believe this matters little.  Whatever the source, the quotation echoes what we know of the law of attraction.  We are doing this unto ourselves.  We don’t “blame the victim,” because our motivation comes from our very soul, and the soul knows things that are far beyond us.  The soul can make choices that seem, on the surface, to even be detrimental to us, but the best wins out in the end.

We can have what we call to ourselves, in the best tradition of the law of attraction.  If we turn within, we will call the very best.  Only if we think superficially may we call something to ourselves that in the end, we really don’t want. 

So we are asked to keep a positive frame of mind.  If what happens in our lives seems contrary to what we really want, we need to go within, where God dwells for an Answer of how to do better.



“Nothing is harmful or beneficial apart from what you wish.  It is your wish that makes it what it is in its effect on you, because you chose it as a means to gain these same effects, believing them to be the bringers of rejoicing and of joy.”  A Course in Miracles (Circle of Atonement edition)

The new channeled works (here, A Course in Miracles)s, believed by many to be from Jesus, attest to the veracity of the law of attraction.  The Way of Mastery (Christ Mind Trilogy) says the same.  So the new spirituality is falling right in line with what we are coming to know through, initially, the work of Rhonda Byrne (The Secret, and other works subsequently).

Our wishes create our world.  And this includes subconscious wishes, and so we need to be sure that we are communicating with our depths when we want something.  A superficial “want” is not strong enough to bring us our desires; it takes something more.

Make a list of wishes.  Read it over several days, augmenting and deleting as desired.  These can even be made into affirmations.  The wishes will start to show up in our lives, sooner rather than later.  The way to a quality life starts with our own mind and heart.

Why Gratitude Is Necessary

“Regardless of how much time you spent in therapy, you would never feel the value of therapy, would never reap the fruits of your labor, unless you were able to cultivate a sense of gratitude in your life.  Why?  Because the feeling of gratitude is a foundation of personal contentment, satisfaction, and the ability to enjoy life.   Gratitude is a powerful antidote to virtually all stress, unhappiness, and frustration.”  Richard Carlson

When we aren’t grateful, we are in negativity, and only positivity works in the law of attraction.  If we are thinking in a negative fashion, we will, just like a photocopying machine, make a “copy” of our negative thoughts, and these will come off the “machine” and right into our lives.

When we are glad that we have what we have, we are not reaching after mirages in the desert, illusions that will come to plague us over time.   Being glad (grateful) for what we have is the right starting point.  Then, in a positive frame of mind, we can put out a call to the Universe for the more that we long to have.  We have prepared our mind; now the Universe finds us and blesses us with the happiness that our wants, satisfied, can foster in us.

We might wonder why gratitude for what we already have is key.  It is because if we don’t treasure what we have, we won’t treasure any other goodies that might come to us.  The Universe can’t operate on such a slender cord of electricity.

It takes positive thought waves to activate the positive, and gratitude is among the most positive emotions that we can summon up.

Ideas Are Blueprints

“The idea is like a blueprint, it creates an image of the form, which then magnetizes and guides the physical energy to flow into that form and eventually manifests it on the physical plane.”  Shakti Gawain

Shakti has great wisdom, including about the law of attraction.  Here she explains how the law actually works with physical objects.  It all starts with an idea in our mind.  If we believe that everything is an idea in the Mind of God, we will have smooth sailing.  (This philosophy is called Idealism, and was developed in the Nineteenth Century by George Berkeley.)

Ideas do create form, and the better the idea is, the better the form.  This means that we need to think carefully about what we wish to draw to ourselves.  If we think haphazardly, we will draw that which is imperfect—not a way we want to go.  If we develop our idea(s) with great care, we will see perfection in their manifestation.

Everything starts as an idea in the our mind, just as creation, I believe, started as an idea in the Mind of God.

Think well, and our life will become a picnic.

Prosperous Heart

“The prosperous heart is not lonesome.  It has the companionship of God—or any Higher Power of our understanding—as well as of friends and colleagues.  Rather than cling to lopsided loves, it basks in the company of kindred spirits.  Guided by God, it chooses companions well.  Not only are its own emotional needs met, it trusts that Spirit meets the needs of its beloveds.  The prosperous heart affirms that there is more than enough to go around.”  Julia Cameron, The Prosperous Heart

There is more than enough to go around, something that the general public doesn’t understand.  But The Secret—in describing the law of attraction—does indicate that not all of us even want the same things.  We won’t break the bank.  God in His infinite mercy will provide when we are in harmony with his laws, and the law of attraction is very much a law of God.

We want friends in this world.   The idea that we are meant to be independent creatures has caused all of us great harm.  We are, instead, meant to be interdependent, giving to others as they give to us.  This binds us all together in a cocoon of love.

If we think we don’t have enough friends, we need to invoke the law of attraction.  If we think that we are lacking, we will be thinking lack, and that never brings us the next good thing.   Imagine the friends that one wants.  Imagine one’s self surrounded with comfort and support.  And, lo, this better idea will manifest.

Any of us can develop a prosperous heart.  It involved focusing on that which we want, rather than lamenting what seems not to be in our world at the present time.

Think big, never little.  And the companions whom we want will soon be on their way to us.

Prosperity Consciousness

“Your prosperity consciousness is not dependent on money; your flow of money is dependent on your prosperity consciousness.”  Louise Hay

Mind comes first, as Louise realizes.  Our consciousness must be slanted in the right direction, though, which is toward having a positive attitude toward money.  If we just regret all the debt that we have and are still acquiring, Rhonda Byrne, from The Secret, says we will just always and forever attract more of the same.  Rhonda and her colleagues recommend playing games with debt figures, imagining (among other things) that the debt items are actually checks coming to us in the mail.  This lends a playful attitude to our bill-paying sessions, and it changes our mind to the positive.  Voila!  Debt slows down, and soon, very soon, we find that we have enough assets to live comfortably.

The more we think of prosperity as a full-spectrum thing, the better off we will be.  Wealth is not just money, but blessings of all sorts that come to engulf us when we are using the law of attraction rightly.  If we focus on what we want, being sure to thank the Universe (think God), then we are proceeding in the right way.  Wealth of all types will find us, for we are focusing on it in the best way.

It is good to think of money as a “flow,” for we are part of a universe of energy, energy which is on the move constantly.  Money is not a static thing to be grasped,  for the grasping is a form of attachment, and attachment pushes away what we want, for attachment is through and through laced with fear.  We are attached because we think we will lose what we want, and fear is the opposite of love.  The law of attraction, on the other hand, is also called the law of love.

We don’t have to be pecuniary with our prosperity consciousness.  It is enough to ask once, if our hearts are truly aligned with the Infinite.

Harmony with the Divine

“Acting in sync with God’s will leaves us with a feeling of abundance.  We know we have what we need. We may even have more than we need.  Sourced in God, we have an infinite supply of spiritual strength.  Sourced in God, we are not lonely.  We find God meets our needs and may furthermore meet our wants.  We find that our will and God’s will are not at opposite ends of the table.  We have been praying for knowledge of God’s will for us and the power to carry it out.  Now we find our prayer has been answered.”  Julia Cameron, The Prosperous Heart

We do have our needs and wants satisfied when we are in harmony with the Divine.  We can try, in a secular way, to devise affirmations that will get us what we want, but if we do that, invoking the law of attraction, without that sense of harmony with the Universe, we may ask amiss.  It is unclear in the law of attraction if such secular treatment of the law will actually allow the Universe, God Himself, to save us from ourselves.  There is a saying, “Be very careful what you set your heart upon, because you will surely have it.”  This suggests that God does not always save us from ourselves, because sometimes we box ourselves in so much that we seem to want to learn the hard way.

We fulfill the spirit of the law of attraction, which is also called the law of love, with majesty when we sense internally that we are on a beam with a Higher Power.   What we ask for when we invoke divine blessing will not ever harm us; what we ask for that is not divinely blessed may turn out to be our nightmare.   If we feel love, we are more likely to act rightly, especially if we are not placed under a sense of guilt because of our wants.

God’s will is actually our real will; this from A Course in Miracles.  When we follow the best and highest that we know in our heart of hearts, we are following God’s will, and He does bless us.   The God we pray to is found in the deepest center of our Self, and It is the will of our deepest Self when we sense a harmony with All that exists.