Avoid a Demanding Spirit

“My heart is a verdant meadow with many blooms.  I open my heart to receiving love and respect.  I open my heart to many quarters.  I allow my good to come to me from all directions.  Remembering that the Universe is my source, I release individuals from any demands that they be the source of my good.  I allow the Universe to support me as it chooses, not as I demand.  I surrender my narrow vision to a broader and longer view of events.  I trust that as I respect and honor myself and others, I will be treated in kind.”  Julia Cameron, Heart Steps

We have to be careful when invoking the law of attraction that we are actually going to get what is best for us.  There is so much that is automatic about the law, but just invoking it willy-nilly won’t do it for us.  We need to know that we are on the right beam from the Universe, or God.  Otherwise, we will ask amiss, and when we get what we think we want, it won’t be what we want at all.  It will be something that we might regret.

I think that deep prayer helps.  Slowing down before asking helps.  Guidance through intuition helps.  If we are unsure about the timing of something we need to do, we need to ask.  There is no reason to believe that we will be left in the dark about the right way to go, the right thing to say, the right thing to do.  We will be told. 

But we have to ask first.  As the Universe, or God, to support us as He chooses, not as we demand.

This will make all the difference.



“The first step in awakening is to allow into the mind this axiom of truth:

“Nothing that you experience is caused by anything outside of you.  You experience only the effects of your own choice.” (“The Way of the Heart,” The Way of Mastery, Chapter 1, Page 5)

The Way of Mastery is believed to be channeled by Jesus in live communication in that the body of an individual named Jayem was “taken over” by Jesus, and then the results recorded and made available to interested people.   In this, the material makes a striking underline to the law of attraction, citing the belief that it is only our own choices that affect us.  Of course, I believe that these are the soul’s choices, for certainly things happen to us that our personality would not choose.  But the soul has a broader and deeper view, and what would seem to be disastrous to the personality often has a good effect on the growth of the soul.

We need to determine how we might best make choices over which we do have control, because the ways of the soul, acting through the subconscious mind, may always be a little out of reach.  There is much that we can do consciously in our choices.  We can choose positivity over negativism, of course, and this is one of the most important differences we can ever make.

A negative outlook draws to us things that are negative.  When we contemplate illness, for example, we set ourselves up to experience it.  We best keep our minds elevated, drawing health to ourselves.

Choices make all the difference.

We are known by our choices, and it is this difference that spells euphoria or disaster.