Healing Emotional Wounds

“We find that we heal our emotional wounds and change our beliefs, the experiences of our lives change, sometimes almost miraculously.  We begin to have a genuine experience of how we are creating our own personal reality.  The Path of Transformation, by Shakti Gawain

Shakti’s words may hold a clue as to why our desires are slow to materialize.  We may be holding in wounds that are keeping us from manifesting that which we really want, something that happens when we are not truly “ready” for our desires.  I believe that God, in His providential care, does not give us what is not in our best interests.  If we are wounded emotionally, we may not be able—yet—to handle a great deal of money, for example.  We might easily lose it after it were acquired, and such a catastrophe might be harder on us than never manifesting the money in the first place.

The law of attraction and “creating our own reality” are closely linked.  Our soul knows what is best for us, for our soul is closer to God, indeed our soul is a part of Him, I believe.  If we aren’t attracting what we desire, perhaps we need to look inward at our assumptions.  Do we think we are not worthy of this thing we are asking for?  If so, there is a negative bias that will block the bestowal of what we want.  Negativity kills a dream, of course, though when we are busy trying to manifest, we may not realize how negative our inner thoughts and feelings really are.

If something, therefore, that we have asked to have, maybe for a long time, is not happening, or we don’t see any way that it is going to happen—then look at what barriers we may be erecting internally.  Journal, meditate, pray for a solution to our problem.  The solution, A Course in Miracles says, is always with the problem.

We can rise above these challenges to our attracting power.


As you observe these connectors, you’ll note that they don’t dwell on illness and disease.  They move through their life as if their body is in perfect health.  Wayne W. Dyer, The Power of Intention

Connectors, according to Wayne, are those people in life who are tuned into the world and other people in it in a way that eludes many of us.  One of the things that they do best is to understand the law of attraction.  So to them it makes perfect sense to dwell on health.  Even if their health is compromised at any time.

We know that dwelling on sickness can only bring more of it to us.  What we focus on grows.  So the best way to proceed if our bodies/minds are compromised by illness at any point is to seek the best treatment we can find and afford, and then just let it go.  Let the doctors treat the illness.  We focus on the end point that we want, which is healing.  And healing can be emotional as well as physical.

Our healing has been emotional if we are no longer “stuck” on thinking about the illness just all the time.  If we are focusing on living the best way that we can.

This may not be easy, but it works.  Taking our mind off pain has been proved by research studies actually to lessen the awareness of pain.  The pain is reduced.  And this type of thinking can help any condition with which we are faced.

Of course, the best way to proceed is to focus on perfect health before any illness arrives.  Don’t dwell on “might be’s” or “what if’s.”

Know that our God is for wellness all the way, and when we cooperate with the laws of his universe, such as the law of attraction, we are in a good place.  Our focus makes the difference.

Healing through Energy

“You’ll often see your illnesses and physical complaints disappear when you’re in the presence of exceptionally high-energy [people].  Why?  Because their high spiritual energy nullifies and eradicates the lower energies of illness.  Just as being in the presence of [these people] makes you feel better because they exude and radiate joyful appreciative energy, so too will your body heal by being in this kind of energy field.”  Wayne W. Dyer, The Power of Intention

Can Wayne Dyer really be right?  Can certain people heal by the law of attraction?  Certainly the Silva Method of Jose Silva says so, and this was extremely well-received when first described in the latter half of the last century.

We learn from the law of attraction that our energy must match the energy of the desired object.  If energy can bring objects to us that we desire, cannot energy also heal?  There is much to think about here.

Of course, Jesus’ healing comes to mind.  Was he using energy to heal?  We wonder.  Nobody has ever known for sure what the essence of his healing really was, but I believe that the Gospel accounts do explain something that seems unexplainable.

Experiment with coaxing energy into our experience of life.  There may be no better way to know that we have powers beyond anything previously dreamed.