Soul Talking

“‘If you really would like to know,’ said the other with embarrassment, ‘I want a husband and children and a good home.’  (Her sisters, all married and having homes of their own, had assured her that she was too plain and could never hope for marriage.)

“‘Do not be embarrassed by such a normal desire,’ said her friend.  ‘To accomplish this worthy goal hold a mental picture of the home and husband and children you want.  Then put the wish in God’s hands to give or to withhold.  If it is His will, He will grant it.  Ask Him to develop your personality in preparation for wifehood and motherhood.  Ask God to make you beautiful, charming, and good.’

“This woman painted and held her mental picture, affirming it by unremitting perseverance into reality, and this Cinderella story came true.”  Stay Alive All Your Life, by Norman Vincent Peale

This charming little story from Norman Vincent Peale is, like all his stories, based in real life.  What a lovely blessing for this woman—a home, husband, and children.

There is one indication here that explains why all of our work with the law of attraction may not work.  It is the “God’s will” imperative.  God is deep within us, a part of our very soul.  And if our larger entity, our soul, can see that something our personality is crying out for is just not right for us, then that something will be withheld.  Our finite personalities will think this is a failing of the law of attraction, but it is actually that a higher law has been evoked.

We don’t actually want ALL of our wants fulfilled, if, in the end, we are not being cared for properly, if something we want turns out to be a bad thing for us.  This is actually what is going on when we “sell our souls to the devil.”  Our personalities have overruled our soul, something that can be done, but not something we want to invite.

Keep an image before us when we invite the law of attraction to function in us.  If we surrender control to our soul, what transpires will be “right on.”  And—further—we will be led to pray for that right thing for us, the something better that is always right there for us, right around the corner.



“What accounted for that packed house?  The imaging formula is the answer.  A goal, a purpose, lots of prayer, planning, thinking, enthusiasm, organization, and always intense, continuous imaging.  This overcame every adverse condition, including one of the worst rainstorms I have ever experienced.

“ ‘The hall is full.’  Life is full, also, and always will be if you so image it and forever keep God in it.”  Positive Imaging, by Norman Vincent Peale

Norman once was faced with lots of bad weather and a large hall that he wanted filled for a lecture.  He put into practice his own formula for success, which includes a great deal of imaging of a “full hall.”  He reports that his formula worked.

Norman Vincent Peale was one of the foremost inspirational writers of the last century, a minister from New York City.  If he believes in imaging, then this is just one more great person who knows the law of attraction.

I often don’t visualize enough, but it occurs to me after rereading this quotation from Norman that this is exactly what I need to do now.

Maybe you do, too.


“[I]imaging has its own formula:  1) the goal, 2) the purpose, 3) prayer activity, 4) thoughtful planning, 5) innovative thinking , 6) enthusiasm, 7) organized hard work, and 8) always holding the image of success firmly in mind.  If this formula is faithfully carried out, the desired results will be achieved despite all difficulties or setbacks.”  Positive Imaging, by Norman Vincent Peale

In my opinion the most important factors in Norman Vincent Peale’s formula are prayer and organized hard work. Not laborious work, though, but just inspired work that doesn’t feel like work. When we have said our prayers and then stepped back, we will get glimpses of the next right thing to do. We don’t press, we don’t force ourselves forward. We select one small detail that looks inviting, something that seems like it might be fun, and then and only then do we move forward.

Inspired action doesn’t feel like work at all. It is pure pleasure. Of course, we can bring all of Dr. Peale’s other maxims into the picture, too. Let the order of what maxim to use present itself to us. Then and only then–act.

The results will be phenomenal.

Let the Feelings of the Heart Lead Us to All Good Things

“What a strange tapestry this imaging is!  So many patterns.  So many threads.  All interconnected in ways that sometimes seem to defy logical interpretation.  But I am convinced that the basic premise is true:  as Emerson said, ‘The soul contains the event that shall befall it.’

“Which is just another way of saying that if you image something strongly enough, you help to make that something happen.  Imaging does affect future events.  But the decision to do the imaging is yours.”  Positive Imaging, by Norman Vincent Peale

Norman Vincent Peale was a well-recoginized pastor and writer of the last century, and here, in an entire book, is he seconded the power of the law of attraction.  He doesn’t go quite as far as Rhonda Byrne in his assertions, but he does believe that imaging “affects” future events.  Rhonda thinks that the law of attraction ensures that future events follow visualizations.

Norman may have noticed that good things don’t always come after we visualize, or image.  But this is simply that our thoughts and feelings are not always on the beam of the positive.  When the negative intervenes, our imaging goes awry.  And our minds are very unruly, difficult to keep on the positive always and in every situation.

That is why we do well to appeal to our heart.  Feelings are of the heart, and the heart knows better than the mind what we really need.  A Course of Love, the continuation of A Course in Miracles, indicates that the mind is meant to be servant of the heart.  Yes!

Look to what our heart wants to image.  If there is indecision, our heart will know it, and tune us in that what we think we want is not always what we truly want in the center of our being, which is the heart.

Let the heart lead.  There is no better way to bring about good things through the law of attraction.