Best Manifestation Is Heartfelt

Treasure in the first sense is, first and foremost, something that you believe exists and have defined as being of value.  As this Treatise is not concerned with material treasure, we will not explore the dimensions of physical treasure except to say that the feelings that cause one to think that any physical thing is capable of being a treasure or being treasured are of the ego.  We will instead assume that you have moved beyond these ego concerns and explore the realm of internal treasures.

Those of you who have moved beyond the realm of the ego, in your fear of returning to it, often turn away from internal treasures that you believe, when realized, might feed thee go.  Despite many observations within this Course regarding desire, you may still fear your desire.  Despite many exhortations that your purpose here is to be who you are, you may have determined that exploring internal treasure is now unnecessary. . . .

This resting place is indeed hallowed ground and an earned respite, a demarcation even between the old way and the new way of living.  But it is not the end that is sought.  No matter how peaceful this place of rest may at first seem, it will soon become stagnant and unsatisfying.  Left in such a place without further instruction, you would soon return to your old ideas of heaven and see peace as a state of being for those too weary to fully live.  . . .

Rest, when truly learned, is a state of being in which struggle has ceased and peace has triumphed over chaos, love has triumphed over fear.   A Treatise on the Nature of Unity and Its Recognition, from A Course of Love

There is nothing wrong with using the law of attraction to move physical “treasures” to ourselves.  If we think back, though, we will realize that physical objects pale over time.  The new car gets a few months beyond the car lot, and we start taking it for granted (until it causes trouble).    A new diamond that seems like nothing we would rather have, becomes comfortable on the finger and is then not thought of very often, just worn as though we had always had it.

You get the picture.  This lengthy quotation from A Course of Love is believed by many to have been channeled by Jesus.  He recognizes that our material gifts are treasured by the ego.  As we read A Course of Love, we know that the ego does not give permanent gifts.  The ego is filled with dramas of highs and lows, and it doesn’t mean us well.  Anything egotistical is plagued by the reality of illusory time.

Love, faith, harmony, peace, joy—these are the real blessings that the law of attraction can bring.  These are of the mind and heart, and these treasures do not pale over time.   For the best result, practice dismissing negative thoughts, count our blessings, and watch the manifestations of good come.


Happiness through Love

“You have to be happy first, and give happiness, to receive happy things!  It can’t happen any other way, because whatever you want to receive in life, you must give first!  You are in command of your feelings, you are in command of your love, and the force of love will give back to you whatever you give out.”  Rhonda Byrne

“We love him, because he first loved us.”  1 John 4:19 (KJV)

In the second quotation, from 1 John, the “him” is God.  “We love him, because he first loved us.”

We love others in the same way, because God first loved us.  He has taught us how to love, and when we are enthralled with that particular sense of Love that emanates from God Himself, we will be happy.  Love makes happy.

When we are feeling down, we can uplift our affect by thinking, just thinking, of those things we love.  The change is immediate.  When we move into a mellow feeling, God’s love is pouring down upon our heads.  And happiness follows.

If we don’t have a sense of love enthralling us, we often won’t feel happy.

It is just that simple.  It is said, “Love makes the world go ‘round.’”  And indeed it does.

Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret, recommends mood shifters, having a mental list of things that brighten our day, and these things are the things that we love.  If one doesn’t work for us at a given time, we can shift to another until we do find the magic elixir.

Go within, smile inwardly at those things we love, and the happiness that has eluded us will return.

Loving Ourselves, Too

“The things of the world become translated into that which supports your ever-increasing joy, success, fun, pleasure, material improvement and new friends.  It supports all of it when you see through the eyes of Love.  Then you literally look at the world around you and finally get that it was never what you thought it was because you failed to separate yourself from God.

“Everything you see is there to support your happy experience.  You are free to live in your highest joy, to ask for what you want, and to open the heart and love.  And the universe will respond according to the beliefs you hold about yourself, within yourself.”  “The Way of Knowing,” in Way of Mastery

We need to have a fresh understanding of ourselves by seeing ourselves through the eyes of our own precious love.  This is not selfish.  This is not egoic.  As God’s children, we are precious in His eyes.  Are we not dishonoring our Father Himself when we drag ourselves down with self-esteem issues?

When we focus on the positive in this beautiful world, we see only the beauty.  The ugliness fades, though we can always say a little prayer that our brothers and sisters also live in a better world.  When we believe that we are really OK, through and through, the universe responds with that better vision.  The book, I’m OK, You’re OK, says it all in the title.  When we realize that we, and our fellow men and women, are created in the image of God, we know that our debased self-image has to be given up.

We get what we believe on the inside.  Belief creates the world that we see, including supporting our place in this world.

When we form a new attitude that invites joy, we will experience this joy.

And we will never want to return to any lesser way of experiencing life.

Path of Joy

“The path of joy involves the ability to receive.  You can surround yourself with love, friends that care, and have a healthy and fit body, if you choose.  There is so much to be grateful for and appreciate.  One of the ways to receive more is to spend time appreciating what you have.  Acknowledge even the simplest things—the flowers you see or smell, the heartwarming smile of a child, the food you eat—and you will soon find the Universe sending you even more good things, for gratitude is magnetic.”  Sanaya Roman, Living with Joy

Why is it so important that we be grateful for what we already have?  After all, we may have felt ourselves lacking in many things that other people seem to acquire effortlessly.

The bottom line is that a grateful heart is a loving heart, and a loving heart is what we are here to cultivate.  We draw things to ourselves with the Love that we send out.  And if we don’t see the central place of love in our lives, then we are seeing amiss.

There is much that is secular in the law of attraction; one does not, after all, need to feel a particular attachment to a Deity to focus on that which we want, and then draw those things to ourselves.  But sooner or later we will get tripped up if we don’t recognize that our bodies flourish under love, and languish under fear.   If we draw primarily physical things in our desiring, we will find that we need to keep replacing one material desire with another; we will find ourselves insatiable.  And fear is at the bottom of that transaction.

If we elicit fear in others, this same fear will revert to ourselves.  And giving happiness to another reverts to ourselves as well.

We thrive in an atmosphere of happiness and joy, and gratitude is a one-way ticket toward both.  We can simply know that we don’t understand the Whole in which we are encapsulated.  We can simply know that a loving attitude makes us happier.

Our appreciation lubricates the wheels of existence, making that existence a matter that finds us, perhaps for the first time, truly living.

Asking for a Partner

“If you’re repeatedly having interactions with people who are inappropriate or selfish, something deeper is going on.  What’s so amazing about the mind is that whatever we expect on a subconscious level is what we create.  So if you want to find the right partner, you have to not only know your own worth but also believe that someone out there will see it.”   Martha Beck, in O:  the Oprah Magazine

Here belief is seen as very important, and not only belief, but belief deep in the mind, on a subconscious level, where if we go deep enough, we are one with God.  We cannot just say affirmations, especially not just superficially, and hope to make a difference in our outer world.  We have to heal way down deeply, and when we heal deeply, we are asking God to heal us.

It can be one of the most frustrating experience in life to want a soul partner, and to find ourselves alone, and sometimes, often maybe, alone for a long, long time.  The problem here is that all parts of our mind are not ready for the relationship that we only think we fervently want.  We are having thoughts, subconscious and conscious, that are denying our prayer.  Even God Himself can’t move to answer prayer if we are negating the words.

We can ask for healing of all of our mind.  When we are sure that there is no ambivalence in our asking, then our belief is taking form, and a tangible answer—a partner—is much more likely to manifest.

This matter of subconscious healing is very important, and I find in my reading that it is not emphasized sufficiently.  Our subconscious will negate the conscious every time, if they differ.

Our heart speaks the language of the subconscious, and it is this to which we appeal when we want a life partner.  If conflict arises, know that this too can be overcome.  Then the asking will come from the whole mind, informed by the heart.

Love & Money

“There is one rule with money:  you can never put money ahead of love.  If you do, you violate love’s law of attraction, and you will suffer the consequences.  Love must be the ruling force in your life.  Nothing can ever be put above love.  Money is a tool for you to use, and you bring it to yourself through love, but if you put money ahead of love in your life, it will cause you to receive a whole bunch of negative things.  You can’t give love for money and then walk around being rude and negative to people, because if you do that, you open the door for negativity to walk into your relationships, health, happiness, and finances.”  –  The Power, by Rhonda Byrne

This blog post builds on yesterday, when I suggested that money doesn’t bring happiness—at least not always, and not for very long.  Now Rhonda Byrne is trying to get us to see that love is the important factor in a good life.  If we attempt to attract money without having love in our heart, we won’t be pleased for long, for money can be a very selfish thing.  Love, on the other hand, is generous and kind—at least when the love remain generous.  No negativity need enter, unless we are after a special love that will turn to ashes.

“Love must be the ruling force in your life.  Nothing can ever be put above love.”  Yes!  When our heart is made mellow by our pursuit of genuine, holy love, our way forward in life is assured.  We have found the elixir that will be the balm for every hurt.

Special love, however, is not what I mean.  Special love is of the ego, egocentric, and we think more of ourselves than our beloved.  In holy love, we can let the other go, if need be, and love on, in the release of our beloved.  No genuine, holy love is ever lost.  We come to know that the love is not in the other person, but in our own heart.  We ourselves are capable of that great love, and that great love will bless us a thousand times over.

So:  Ask to love, and to love deeply.  In attracting love to our heart, we break no rules, engage no negativity.  Our positive walk through life is assured.

Desires of the Heart

“But what if you woke up every day and you just said, ‘What if I went for the things that I want?  My dreams?  You hit the alarm clock, you put your feet on the floor, and you just go for it.  To have that magic back in your life. . .to live for the sake of possibility.”  – Liz Murray in Rhonda Byrne’s The Hero.

“Climb every mountain

“Ford every stream

“Follow every rainbow

“’Till you find your dream.”  –  lyrics by Jordan Smith


We need to get some real magic back in our lives, to reach for the stars, sure that we can at least touch them.  This type of thinking and feeling will actually raise one’s spirits, and we all know that we are more likely to attract what we love if we are in a good mood.  We knew this truth even before we had ever heard of the law of attraction, because the belief was borne out in results repeatedly in our earlier lives.

When we reach for the stars, we are believing in the seemingly impossible.  When this impossibility actually manifests, we will have the evidence that we need that the law of attraction is just like gravity, a law of the universe that affects each of us, whether we know it or not.  And knowing it opens up vistas that had been closed to us heretofore.

Reach for one’s dreams.  If we can dream it, and then really believe that it is ours, then we are fulfilling the spirit of the law of attraction.  If we have doubts, we short-circuit the result, and our desire will not manifest.  We get rid of these doubts by going within and asking if this is a “right” thing.  If we are sure that it is, we will have no doubts.

I once longed for a particular love in my life, but I had my doubts, and as a result, I never took up the issue in prayer.  This was odd, for I prayed quite a bit, and this love seemed vital to my life.  Yet deep within, I knew that this particular love wasn’t right for me.  And of course the law of attraction agreed with me, choosing another love for me that turned out fabulously.

Be sure that one’s dream is the right dream.  Then we can visualize with certainty, and the law of attraction will respond with the desires of our heart.