Money to Support Dreams

“‘I wish my husband would support my dreams,’ a student complained to me. ‘He did offer to pay for  me to take my master’s, but I’d like his emotional support.’

“For some people, money is their version of emotional support.  We must learn to let people give what they can instead of demanding they give what we wish.”  Julia Cameron, The Vein of Gold

We sometimes expect what will not come, even using the law of attraction.  And we grumble about our desires not being met.  Actually, we know already when our desires will not be met, we have strong doubts, and this in itself cancels any attraction that we might summon up.

There are some times when we need to give the others in our lives some slack, letting them give to us what is most comfortable to them.  If it is money, as in this anecdote, when we are grateful for money.  We are simply beating our head against a wall when we ask for what we know will not come about.  This is conflict, and conflict denies the law of attraction.

Gratefulness means that we summon courage to be strong in the face of blessings that might be different from our fondest wish.   Our fondest wish is that we be happy and contented, at peace and feeling joy, and when we niggle about the way in which our gifts come to us, we are walking up the wrong path.

Accept money, if that is what our loved ones want to give.  Emotional support can come from a place other than our nearest and dearest.



“Some of you believe that having a large sum of money will become a burdensome responsibility and tie you down.  Not being able to pay your bills and worrying about money are also burdens, and can tie you down.  You will not be tied down by money unless you believe you will be and set it up so that you are.  What you believe is what you create.  If you believe that a large sum of money is a burden, it would be good to change that belief before you make a lot of money or you will experience the money as a burden and a responsibility.  If you have asked for a lot of money and do not yet have it, your higher self may be helping you change some of your negative beliefs about having money before it brings you what you have asked for.”  Sanaya Roman, Creating Money

Money is the great preoccupation of many who seek to attract through the law of attraction.  And often we don’t seem to get what we have wished for.  Why is this?

Sanaya gives one reason in this quotation:   We are not ready for what we have asked.   The universe will hold off if what we are wishing for would be detrimental to us.

A second reason for a no-show is that we cannot bring us to truly believe in a large amount of money.  Of course, we can say affirmations until blue in the face, but it will make no difference if we are not on the beam with the universe.  Many of us have unrealistic expectations, and we know, deep within, that what we are seeking is an unrealistic expectation.  We can’t just say affirmations and expect the universe to capitulate if we are not in line with higher laws.  We would not even be using the law of attraction properly.

We need to be open to what we can to effect change in the amount of money we have.  We also have to DO.  Be alert to signals that give an indication of what to do next.  There is a joke about someone wanting to be a doctor.  This person affirmed, and affirmed, and finally the universe responded.  When the booming voice responded, it said, “Apply to medical school.”

We laugh, but we do things just as weird in our everyday life in trying to attract money.  Common sense needs to prevail.

And common sense does not preclude hope.

Love & Money

“There is one rule with money:  you can never put money ahead of love.  If you do, you violate love’s law of attraction, and you will suffer the consequences.  Love must be the ruling force in your life.  Nothing can ever be put above love.  Money is a tool for you to use, and you bring it to yourself through love, but if you put money ahead of love in your life, it will cause you to receive a whole bunch of negative things.  You can’t give love for money and then walk around being rude and negative to people, because if you do that, you open the door for negativity to walk into your relationships, health, happiness, and finances.”  –  The Power, by Rhonda Byrne

This blog post builds on yesterday, when I suggested that money doesn’t bring happiness—at least not always, and not for very long.  Now Rhonda Byrne is trying to get us to see that love is the important factor in a good life.  If we attempt to attract money without having love in our heart, we won’t be pleased for long, for money can be a very selfish thing.  Love, on the other hand, is generous and kind—at least when the love remain generous.  No negativity need enter, unless we are after a special love that will turn to ashes.

“Love must be the ruling force in your life.  Nothing can ever be put above love.”  Yes!  When our heart is made mellow by our pursuit of genuine, holy love, our way forward in life is assured.  We have found the elixir that will be the balm for every hurt.

Special love, however, is not what I mean.  Special love is of the ego, egocentric, and we think more of ourselves than our beloved.  In holy love, we can let the other go, if need be, and love on, in the release of our beloved.  No genuine, holy love is ever lost.  We come to know that the love is not in the other person, but in our own heart.  We ourselves are capable of that great love, and that great love will bless us a thousand times over.

So:  Ask to love, and to love deeply.  In attracting love to our heart, we break no rules, engage no negativity.  Our positive walk through life is assured.

Happiness & Money

“The love of money is the root of all evil.”  – 1 Timothy 6:10

“Our human minds are limited but the intelligence of love is unlimited.  Its ways are beyond our comprehension.  Don’t limit your life by thinking money is the only way to get something you want.  Don’t make money your only target, but make your target what you want to be, do, or have.  If you want a new home, imagine and feel the joy of living in it.  You if want beautiful clothes, appliances, or a car; if you want to go to college, move to another country, receive training in music, acting, or a sport—imagine it!  All these things can come to you in an unlimited number of ways.”  – The Power, by Rhonda Byrne

Often we think that with more money, just some more, we would be happy.  But if we had more money, we might change our expectations and therefore the “more money” would not have satisfied us at all.  It is what money can buy that we really want, and even this can be an inferior want.  What we are really seeking is our own happiness, and to have happiness we must know ourselves really well, asking always what would make us happy.

What might we do to have the happiness that we seek?  It may reside in service to others, and this we can do without money at all.  So beware of thinking that more money will solve all our worries.  If we haven’t learned how to live well without the money, having the more will not help us—as much as we might think so now.

It is joy that we seek.  Find what gives us joy, and we are on the road to a fulfilling life.