Manifesting Just All the Time

“At first you may practice creative visualization at specific times and for specific goals.  As you get more in the habit of using it, and begin to trust the results it can bring you, you will find that it becomes an integral part of your thinking process.  It becomes a continuous awareness, a state of consciousness in which you know that you are the constant creator of your life.”   Shakti Gawain, Creative Visualization

Visualization is seeing images in our minds.  Elsewhere Shakti tells us not everything who visualizes actually “sees” anything; we may just have a feeling, a sense of something, or we concentrate in thinking about something.  Still we are visualizing, because our mental/feeling components are latched upon a given thing.  This will nearly always bring this thing to us.

This is the law of attraction at work.  This is being creative in our everyday life.  If we use our imaginations, whether we see something, feel something, or think about something, we are using creative visualization as Shakti sees it.  Something will materialize.

Get the negative out, because negativity attracts more negativity.  Focus on the positive, see/feel/think about what we choose to have, and if we are staying on the beam, we will materialize what we wish.

It is just that simple.

Do we believe it?  If we don’t, that is its own problem.  We have to be believers to bring desired circumstances into our lives.  Remember what Jesus himself said about believe, quoted on this blog.

Focusing Wisely

“You must want your emotional health even more than you want to get rid of your emotional distress.  Remember, your attention is the key to your success.  If your attention is on how much you want to get rid of your pain, then your attention is on your pain.  But if your attention is directed toward your healthy functioning, your inner peace, that is exactly where you will be headed.”  Richard Carlson

How true!   Even before we knew the law of attraction, we would know that focusing on negativity cannot move us to what we really want, the positive.  Positivity accomplishes all.   If we focus on pain, we know that pain will result; turn today to a better view, a considered turn to what we truly want—peace, love, joy in our daily round.

We might wonder how this slight chance could make all the difference.  It is just the matter of focus, and we know that what we focus on expands.  If down in the dumps, we don’t help matters by feeling sorry for ourselves.  We need to reach outside ourselves to something better.  I have heard that in such times, we ought to “do something for somebody—quick!”  That is a good capsule definition of what our neurosis of pain is doing to us, keeping us turned inward so that we don’t see beyond the four walls of our little room.

Distraction helps at such times.  Nobody can indulge neurosis long when deliberately shifting our mood to something higher and brighter.  Get busy with something—almost anything—and watch the clouds drift away, at least the storm clouds.

The sky will clear with white, fluffy clouds that give us a taste of something divine.

Drop the Negativity, and Focus on the Blessings

“Drop the negativity, and focus on the blessings.”  Richard Carlson, in a quotation attributed to a friend

I have been concentrating on this affirmation for several days.  It has paid off.

This morning I awoke to feeling good, something that is rare for me.  Rather than saying, “Thank you, God, for another day!,” all too often, I say (to myself) “Oh, God, another day!”

This won’t do.  I know that the culprit is sleep deprivation, and last night, in addition to saying this affirmation, I slept long enough, went to bed early.

My day will go better because I am into positivity.  Today I will not attraction negative things to my day.  The law of attraction will work perfectly.

I challenge you to try the affirmation.

And, just to be safe, go to bed earlier tonight.  Physiologically, we need enough sleep to be on the same page with attracting positivity.

The law of attraction works in our favor only when we cooperate with it.