Blessing from God

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Does God play any role in the law of attraction other than seemingly being a genie in a bottle?

The law of attraction entered the mainstream just a little over ten years ago, primarily encouraged by Rhonda Byrne and The Secret (both book and film).  The initial writing seemed to downplay any role that God might have in our lives.  The focus was, quite a bit, on egoic thoughts and material possessions.  To her credit, later writing by Rhonda in The Power and The Magic does make a return to traditional spiritual values of love and gratitude, respectively.

The law of attraction is often a secular way of receiving God’s blessings when we are too conflicted to hold a belief about a deity. But I think it is a blessing from God to keep us on the right track.  I think God doesn’t really care if we disbelieve; he doesn’t have an ego to need the praise that traditional religion often asks us to make.  So, using our minds, even though they are not spiritually attuned, will often get us what we want.  This is the bottom line of the law of attraction.

Having a faith in God can bring us a much more fulfilling life, though.  Just trying to think positively, and trying to feel good all the time, won’t do it for us—and it is these points that are often made about how to attract what we want.

What we want will fail us unless there is a deeper Mystery to ponder.  Getting what we want is not the final answer because at some point we will be saying, “Is this all there is?”

A full surrender to a Higher Power (as we understand this Power) will ensure a better life.  And this is classic spirituality.

Uplift Even the World

“There is no doubt that when using the law of attraction for the good of everyone, you are connecting yourself to great power.  However, the law is also available to you individually so that you may live your life to the fullest.  When you live your life to the fullest you have so much more to give others.

“Your pain and misery does not help the world.  But your joy and your life lived fully uplifts the world.”  Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda’s words are inspired.  Here we have a quotation from the woman who brought the secret of the law of attraction to a worldwide audience.  And in this quotation, she gives us a reason to help the world and not just ourselves.

If we are downcast, feeling the pain and misery of our life, then we are on a wrong path.  Of course, until the law of attraction has taken full force, there may be residual pain and misery with which we are contending.  These symptoms will not last when we have learned how to live the law, but early on, they may be a problem.

Know that in thinking and feeling good things, each of us is moving the world toward a new creation.  Our world is old, worn, and weary, and when we actually elevate our thoughts and feelings, choosing to be optimistic about the world’s chances, we are helping myriads of other people.

If we don’t want to do it for ourselves, then surely the unselfish fact of doing it for the world will motivate us.  There is no selfishness in the law of attraction when we view it in this way.

And altruism is something that calls out to all of us.


“Karma can be transcended by translating it into something else.  Karma can become the fulfillment of your purpose, your very way to extend and teach only Love.  For when you see that the effects, called your life, are the result of limited, fearful, negative thoughts or beliefs you have held about yourself and about the world, you can embrace the effects you have created and see them in a new light:

“I choose to allow these very conditions to be those conditions under which I now learn to choose Love.

“What can I appreciate in this moment?

“What can I give forgiveness unto?

“Where can I overcome fear of speaking out and share a truth with a friend?

“What have I been avoiding that I can now embrace?”  “The Way of Knowing,” in Way of Mastery

This is a spiritual way of saying that we create our own reality.  This idea was popularized in New Age circles years ago by Jane Roberts’ Seth.  The law of attraction as described by Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret (and other books by her) has added to the number who believe that, indeed, we do create our own reality.

Creating our own reality in the way of attraction seems a more secular way to pray.  Whatever we focus upon becomes true.  You may have known friends (or maybe, yourself), who had a run of bad luck, with one thing after another, in a short period if time, going very wrong.  This is a good example of an insufficient approach toward positivity.  When we begin thinking very negatively, we can influence our future in quite contrary ways.

Rhonda makes the point that love must come first (in The Power).  This gives a more religious take, for those of us attuned to spirituality.  Our love for ourselves and others, and our love for our Maker, change the outer manifestations in our lives.  We are no longer putting fear first.  And the resultant positivity is bound to influence even more secular matters in a kindly fashion.

Love unconditionally, and karma is even blunted.  If we can make bad things go away, have we not learned an important concept about ultimate reality?

Love & Money

“There is one rule with money:  you can never put money ahead of love.  If you do, you violate love’s law of attraction, and you will suffer the consequences.  Love must be the ruling force in your life.  Nothing can ever be put above love.  Money is a tool for you to use, and you bring it to yourself through love, but if you put money ahead of love in your life, it will cause you to receive a whole bunch of negative things.  You can’t give love for money and then walk around being rude and negative to people, because if you do that, you open the door for negativity to walk into your relationships, health, happiness, and finances.”  –  The Power, by Rhonda Byrne

This blog post builds on yesterday, when I suggested that money doesn’t bring happiness—at least not always, and not for very long.  Now Rhonda Byrne is trying to get us to see that love is the important factor in a good life.  If we attempt to attract money without having love in our heart, we won’t be pleased for long, for money can be a very selfish thing.  Love, on the other hand, is generous and kind—at least when the love remain generous.  No negativity need enter, unless we are after a special love that will turn to ashes.

“Love must be the ruling force in your life.  Nothing can ever be put above love.”  Yes!  When our heart is made mellow by our pursuit of genuine, holy love, our way forward in life is assured.  We have found the elixir that will be the balm for every hurt.

Special love, however, is not what I mean.  Special love is of the ego, egocentric, and we think more of ourselves than our beloved.  In holy love, we can let the other go, if need be, and love on, in the release of our beloved.  No genuine, holy love is ever lost.  We come to know that the love is not in the other person, but in our own heart.  We ourselves are capable of that great love, and that great love will bless us a thousand times over.

So:  Ask to love, and to love deeply.  In attracting love to our heart, we break no rules, engage no negativity.  Our positive walk through life is assured.


“History has shown you that what you believe is possible becomes possible.  Science has proven the link between researcher and research findings.  Still you find it difficult to believe that what is possible depends upon what you can imagine being possible.  You must cease to see the difficulty and begin to see the ease with which what you can imagine becomes reality.

“You have no capabilities that do not serve you, because they were created to serve you.  The ability to imagine is such a capability, freely and equally given to all.”  A Course of Love

This is the way to our heart’s desire:  imagination.  What we imagine with fervor in our heart is what we will experience.  We can change our lives this way.  This is the essence of the law of attraction.

We don’t want to imagine the worst, for the law is exact (as Rhonda Byrne says, like a photocopier).   We can let dire imaginings rest lightly on our minds, let our worries rest lightly on our minds.  We can turn aside from the kind of mental ambush that gives us what we do not want.  We have this in our power.

Visualization is actually imagination in a deliberate exercise.  Be sure to engage the heart in visualizations.  The heart is the center of our being, as A Course of Love says.  This book, many believe channeled by Jesus, is keen on the heart.  The heart knows what we truly want more than our conflicted, often egoic, mind.

Be sure that our mood has lifted when we start to imagine, for otherwise we will be caught in imagining the worst.  A bad mood is fueled by thoughts of bad consequences.  Be gentle with ourselves, and choose to reflect, in one’s imagination, the next time our mood is good.  Choose good times to imagine, and what our heart’s desire really is will come to us.


Love Is the Answer

“This getting what you want that drives your life is proven time and time again to not be what you want once you have achieved it.  Yet you think when this occurs that you have simply chosen the wrong thing and so choose another and another, not stopping to realize that you choose among illusions.  You are so surprised that you have not found happiness in what you seek!  You continue living life as a test, driving yourself to follow one accomplishment with another, sure that the next one or the next will be the one to do the trick.”  A Course of Love.

Many people believe that Jesus channeled A Course of Love as a continuation of A Course in Miracles.   The assertion in this quotation is a stern warning to those of us who practice the law of attraction.  If we are constantly asking for what we want, where is the danger here?  If we get it, it will not satisfy us!  We are on an endless loop of seeking and finding, but never feeling contented with what we have newly acquired.

Rhonda Byrne confronts this dilemma in The Power (sequel to The Secret), a treatise on the central place that love should hold in our lives.  Love does not egg us on constantly for more, more, more.  Love rests in intangible blessings that are eternal.   And these eternal blessings augment our material gain to give us a good life.

Not only do material treasures not satisfy us for long, but accomplishments on a career track don’t, either.   We are like Sisyphus, pushing that rock up the incline.  The rock falls repeatedly to the bottom of the incline, and we just push it up again.  Where is real life in this picture?

There is nothing wrong with attracting material treasures and career accomplishments to ourselves.  We just have to realize that the eternal truth is deeper than these secular offerings.  We will live well when we get our values in place.  And the deepest value is for a spiritual dimension to our sometimes mundane lives.

Most of us have loved deeply at some time in our lives.  And we remember that time as the time of happiness and fulfillment that had been missing heretofore.  We didn’t want the feeling ever to pass.  But, of course, it may have.

Inviting Love into our lives will carry benefits that right now, perhaps, we can only dream of.   Love is the greater healer, and the bottom line of the law of attraction.  Rhonda quotes great thinkers of the past who called the law of attraction, the law of love.

Love is the eternal truth.   If we think we are fresh out of love, we can attract it as well.  Just use Jesus’s injunction to ask, believe, and receive.  And the knowledge of genuine Love will come.  And with Love, a new life.

Dreams and Happiness

“God’s will for me is perfect happiness.”  – A Course in Miracles

We often imagine that God might have a higher purpose than happiness for us, that He would have us sacrifice our happiness to something that might be a higher purpose.   A Course in Miracles calls this reasoning into question.

We are meant to live out our dreams, as Rhonda Byrne (author of The Secret) makes so evident in her book, The Hero.  And the living out of our dreams, what we know as our dreams, from deep inside, is what makes for our happiness.  We do attract that happiness by following the best and deepest calling that we know.  And turning within opens up the challenges, prepares us to shoot for the stars.

As Rhonda and others makes clear in The Hero, we actually must do what Joseph Campbell, the writer on mythology, made the capstone of his life’s work:  Follow your bliss.  This bliss is a synonym for one’s happiness, and there is simply no grander way to plan a life.  The powers of the Universe kick in, God Himself, and we are shortly presented with life choices that will make all the difference.  The law of attraction brings dream, bliss, and remarkable opportunity together.

We are well on our way to the life that we have attracted by our dreams.

And we are joyous.