“To create more time, watch your words and thoughts about time.  Do you say to yourself or others, ‘I never have enough time; I am so pressured, and I wonder how I will get all this done?’  Your words, thoughts, and beliefs are creating your reality, so begin by telling yourself you have all the time you need.  Start saying such things as, ‘I have all the time I need; I do things in a relaxed, focused way,’ Even if you do not believe this at first, your words and thoughts will soon create this as your reality.”  Sanaya Roman, Spiritual Growth

We are relax into time, just do things in a measured pace that will promote mindfulness in our daily round.  To do this well, our minds and hearts have to be in alignment.  And we have to slow down, letting the richer tones of our deep inner Self emerge.  This is the Self Who is merged with God, deep inside us, our interior being.  This is what will save us, and, along the way, give us the sense of slow time that we need.

Time slows down when we are “in the zone.”  Athletes talk about this; it is when they can do no wrong.  Every basketball goes in the basket, every tennis ball is served back over the net.  We can invite this memorable and enjoyable process in our daily lives.  And to do so will enliven our days with a joy that we have heretofore only imagined.

Let our imaginations play.  Walk with measured pace, use our hands in a measured way.  Practice will make this new way of acting habitual.  And in the process, for us, time will slow down.



“Some of you believe that having a large sum of money will become a burdensome responsibility and tie you down.  Not being able to pay your bills and worrying about money are also burdens, and can tie you down.  You will not be tied down by money unless you believe you will be and set it up so that you are.  What you believe is what you create.  If you believe that a large sum of money is a burden, it would be good to change that belief before you make a lot of money or you will experience the money as a burden and a responsibility.  If you have asked for a lot of money and do not yet have it, your higher self may be helping you change some of your negative beliefs about having money before it brings you what you have asked for.”  Sanaya Roman, Creating Money

Money is the great preoccupation of many who seek to attract through the law of attraction.  And often we don’t seem to get what we have wished for.  Why is this?

Sanaya gives one reason in this quotation:   We are not ready for what we have asked.   The universe will hold off if what we are wishing for would be detrimental to us.

A second reason for a no-show is that we cannot bring us to truly believe in a large amount of money.  Of course, we can say affirmations until blue in the face, but it will make no difference if we are not on the beam with the universe.  Many of us have unrealistic expectations, and we know, deep within, that what we are seeking is an unrealistic expectation.  We can’t just say affirmations and expect the universe to capitulate if we are not in line with higher laws.  We would not even be using the law of attraction properly.

We need to be open to what we can to effect change in the amount of money we have.  We also have to DO.  Be alert to signals that give an indication of what to do next.  There is a joke about someone wanting to be a doctor.  This person affirmed, and affirmed, and finally the universe responded.  When the booming voice responded, it said, “Apply to medical school.”

We laugh, but we do things just as weird in our everyday life in trying to attract money.  Common sense needs to prevail.

And common sense does not preclude hope.

Ask with Belief

“The fundamental cause of our distress. . .is our very mental habits themselves.  In an everyday sense, karma—the law of cause and effect—stems from what a Tibetan text refers to as ‘solidified patterns of grasping and fixation.’  These solidified patterns, or mental habits, are also known as ‘emotional and cognitive obscurations,’ the tendency of the mind to repeat patterns of thought and feeling over and over.

“The more often we repeat a mental pattern, the more likely it becomes in the future; in this sense these mental patterns are the seeds of our karma.  The path to liberation, to transcending our karma, then, begins with freeing ourselves from the most well-trodden paths—the deepest ruts—of our mind.”  Tara Bennett – Goleman, Emotional Alchemy

We need to eliminate obsessions, because even good thoughts, if taken to extremes, do not serve us.  If we repeat the same idea over and over, Tara says that it is more likely to become the future.  This need not be detrimental, but who among us can keep repeating a single idea for a long time without becoming depressed?

We sink into depression because we don’t see our idea manifesting immediately.  And we doubt.  This doubt is the seedbed for the fact that our desires don’t seem to manifest.  Our doubt has killed us.

We need to ask, dwell on the feelings that this asking evokes in us—and then, let it be.  Repeatedly asking for the same thing does not bode well, for we are manifesting NOT getting our desire by noticing that it is not here yet.

Grasping for what we want will not work, because we lack faith that our heartfelt desires will actually come to us.  The spirituality in the law of attraction would have us ask with faith, never doubting, and until we can come to this point of believing, we need to wonder if we are asking for the right thing.

Asking for pie in the sky is not really believable, and it is on the fulcrum of belief that our success in attraction lies.

Just Stop Disturbing Our Lasting Peace

“He gave a short lecture in their living room and began by saying, ‘Nothing can bring you lasting peace.’  It felt validating to hear that, but I was profoundly depressed and he seemed radiantly happy.  He went on to say the other half of the equation, ‘Nothing can bring lasting peace, but you have it already if you just stop disturbing it.  It is there always.’  That moment changed my life. . . .

“Although I had experienced at age nineteen that nothing material from the outside world would bring lasting happiness, it was an overwhelming realization, do I pretended to myself that it wasn’t true.  I didn’t want to believe it.”  Dean Ornish, Love & Survival

I am not leaving behind the law of attraction.  It attracted me to this quotation.  We can certainly get much more pleasure in life if we conscientiously apply the law of attraction with our minds and hearts.  But we don’t gain lasting happiness and joy from drawing outward things to our bodies.  Our spirit has a deeper knowledge.  And it is that we already have what we need to live well.  We just don’t often recognize this fact of life.

Spend a while in quiet contemplation.  Ask if there is anything tangible that we have gotten that has long satisfied us.  No, there is not—not long term.  It is the intangibles that satisfy, the love, the peace, the harmony in our daily lives.  And these things can come to us right away, right this minute, if we open our hearts.

We already have what we need to live joyous lives.  Turn to our heart, waiting inside.  The heart doesn’t need proof that we are not all alone in the universe.  The heart knows that our companionship wells up from within us, and this companionship is often an unrecognized affinity for Love, the God within.

We are made for God, even when we don’t know Him or recognize Him.  He blesses us with the material, but He knows that in our heart we have higher ideals.

Accept those higher ideals today.


“Be careful what you set your heart on, for it will surely be yours.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson was a transcendentalist from the Nineteenth Century who understood the law of attraction.  Many of us have heard this quotation.  It does contain a warning, but it also contains a promise, and it is the promise that I want to dwell on today.

When we set our heart upon something, we are in the center of our being.  A Course of Love, a channeled work attributed to Jesus, a recent channeled work, says that we would function better if we let our heart inform our mind.  The mind is seen also in The Way of Mastery Platform as a very “stupid” servant of the heart.

These are strong words, but who among us has not given our mind more power than it really has?  The mind has been invaded by the ego, and this has made for madness.  Only when we get the madness out, give up the false persona that is the ego, will we find peace.

The heart does not demand proof of ultimate reality, and by this, we can read “God.”  When we listen to our heart, we know that there is something more than we can see.  We intuit a greater Reality, and many of us call this greater Reality, “God.”

So dwell with feelings today; let our heart lead.  This will move our focus on intangible blessings, lasting blessings, and move it away from the insatiable desire to covet more material objects.  Materialism is a false pathway, and though we are made happier when we are without material need, we can never collect enough toys to satisfy for long.  We are constantly going back to the well.

Let the heart tell us what is really going to make us happy, help us make a contribution to this hurting world.  We can find our purpose in turning to our heart, and then the law of attraction brings it to us.

Just like that.

Path of Joy

“The path of joy involves the ability to receive.  You can surround yourself with love, friends that care, and have a healthy and fit body, if you choose.  There is so much to be grateful for and appreciate.  One of the ways to receive more is to spend time appreciating what you have.  Acknowledge even the simplest things—the flowers you see or smell, the heartwarming smile of a child, the food you eat—and you will soon find the Universe sending you even more good things, for gratitude is magnetic.”  Sanaya Roman, Living with Joy

Why is it so important that we be grateful for what we already have?  After all, we may have felt ourselves lacking in many things that other people seem to acquire effortlessly.

The bottom line is that a grateful heart is a loving heart, and a loving heart is what we are here to cultivate.  We draw things to ourselves with the Love that we send out.  And if we don’t see the central place of love in our lives, then we are seeing amiss.

There is much that is secular in the law of attraction; one does not, after all, need to feel a particular attachment to a Deity to focus on that which we want, and then draw those things to ourselves.  But sooner or later we will get tripped up if we don’t recognize that our bodies flourish under love, and languish under fear.   If we draw primarily physical things in our desiring, we will find that we need to keep replacing one material desire with another; we will find ourselves insatiable.  And fear is at the bottom of that transaction.

If we elicit fear in others, this same fear will revert to ourselves.  And giving happiness to another reverts to ourselves as well.

We thrive in an atmosphere of happiness and joy, and gratitude is a one-way ticket toward both.  We can simply know that we don’t understand the Whole in which we are encapsulated.  We can simply know that a loving attitude makes us happier.

Our appreciation lubricates the wheels of existence, making that existence a matter that finds us, perhaps for the first time, truly living.


“These days, sitting atop my perch as a 64-year-old, I can see clearly that the collective consciousness if we-the-people is the cause of much of our national angst.  How much energy have we given to thinking about ‘how bad things are’?  How much more are we going to give?

“I for one am weary of the refrain.  Because what we focus on expands.  The more we complain, the worse things get.  It’s a universal law.

“Our insatiable desire for ‘reality’ entertainment, gossip, the dish on anyone—our human tendency to look for the worst in others to make ourselves feel better by comparison—has created a culture where it’s hard to see that life is a mirror. . . .

“Freedom offers you the opportunity to stir things up, to bring your light and break up the darkness.  To make your mark.  Contribute.  Give.  Knock down the negative.  And build a world worthy of your highest good.  Let’s do it.”  Oprah Winfrey

This is Oprah’s inspired pep talk.  Many are her admirers, and she, herself, does look for the good, always.

Life IS a mirror, and what we dwell upon, whether it be positive or negative, will come back.  We have heard it said, “Be very careful what you wish for, for it will surely be yours.”  There is warning in those words, for all too often we “wish” in negative ways by the focus of our minds and hearts.

Let our real heart speak to us today.  It is the part of the Self who does not need proof of God’s existence.  The heart knows that consciousness pervades the whole, the whole cosmos.  And this consciousness is what has been termed “God.”   Many atheists might feel differently if we just focused on the pervasive consciousness of the whole.

Focus on what brings joy.  Not gossip, not bad vibes about politics.  Focus on what we want to be in our highest imagination.

Our dreams can and will come true when we give them our focus.  The mirror will be like a photocopier (as Rhonda Byrne says), giving us what we have desired in the deepest part of our heart.