Be Glad for What We Have Already Attracted

“You can only feel happy if you shift your focus from what you think would give you happiness and pay attention to what you have.  When you do, you’ll get the great feeling you’ve been looking for.  Despite how obvious this seems, most of us do just the opposite.  Instead of learning to appreciate what we have, we continue believing that the next fulfilled desire or the next achievement will be different.  The next one really will bring us joy!”  Shortcut through Therapy, by Richard Carlson

It is obvious that getting at least some of what we desire, through the law of attraction, will make us happier—or at least give us the potential to be happier.  But if we constantly up the ante, wanting one thing after another, never stopping to appreciate the last thing we got, we are going to lead ourselves into a dismal existence.  We certainly won’t be happy if we don’t focus on what we already have, at least to a great extent.

We are practicing unhappiness when we constantly ask for more, never stopping to enjoy what we have, right here and now, in the present.

We will be focusing on the wrong thing.  And a wrong focus does invoke the law of attraction, but in a negative way.  And we might never realize what is going on; we would just remain unhappy.

Be glad for what we have already attracted.  Live in the present with our many goods, our blessings.  Ask for something more only after living contentedly with what we have already received.  Give it time.  A fretful, agonizing desire for more is insatiable.  And with the fretfulness comes a lack of joy.

On the contrary, a contented life, lived with gratitude, offers us the happiness that the law of attraction is meant to give.  God wants to fulfill our desires, but He wants some indication that our joys are rooted in sanity.  Our true sanity would have us live most of the time in the present, where happiness can truly be found.


“Resistance can be a major obstacle to having what you want and feeling the way you want to feel.  However, you can easily let it go and enjoy the benefits of a life without resistance filled with all that you choose.”  The Sedona Method, by Hale Dwoskin

What exactly IS resistance? It is when we have been going along, producing, working, enjoying life, and suddenly we want something new and different; we stop wanting to have and do the things that have filled our lives. We become stuck when we seek to relinquish that which has blessed us.

We have to flow into change, and when we flow into life and into change, we don’t have to resist the things that have previously been perfectly acceptable. When we let our antagonism, which is at base negativism, go, then we are opening a space for all that is good and honorable for the future.

Change will happen. We just don’t want to turn away too soon from what has sustained us. Let the flow of good happenings open up in our lives. And don’t resist the things that have previously offered us blessings. This would be ingratitude, and ingratitude stops the law of attraction from functioning normally in our lives.

Focus on What We Have Already Been Given

“Perhaps the most ironic part of this understanding is that when you focus on what you have instead of what you want, you end up getting more of what you want anyway.  It works this way:  The gratitude that develops works as positive energy, or fuel, that leads toward your heart’s desire.  Optimism leads to satisfaction, which encourages you to take action and look for more positive aspects in your life.  Negativity, or focusing your energy on what’s lacking in your life, only encourages you to find more of the same.  It’s impossible to feel satisfied.”  Shortcut through Therapy, by Richard Carlson

Richard Carlson’s comment might be best summed up as “count your blessings.” When we focus on lack, we are creating lack–a prime way that the law of attraction seems, but only seems, to work in reverse. When we become negative, we may become resentful, and this type of negativity hinders and stops the flow of good into our lives. When we focus on what we have, being happy about what we have (a synonym for “blessed”), our minds are uplifted and a positive flow enters and transforms. The law of attraction gives us the goodies only when we stay upbeat and avoid reactivity about what we don’t have.

Think of how much we have. Did we stop to assess, or did we just add to our “wants” list with more? Were we ever satisfied, even for a moment?

With this type of mind slant, we are shooting ourselves in the foot. Only when we start to count the blessings of what we have already been given, do the floodgates from Heaven open and pour more down upon our heads.


“Trust yourself and believe you can create what you want.”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

It is quite possible that trust is the missing ingredient when our prayers to receive do not bear fruit. A Course in Miracles says that trust is the first prerequisite of a teacher of God. And haven’t we all noticed that those who depend upon God in the matter of prayer seem to live charmed lives?

When we trust, the first recipients of that trust ought to be ourselves. And we are a part of God (though many of us might doubt this). If we trust our inner Self to bring us those wonderful things that we long to have, then miracles happen.

As always, unless we are very sure of our wants, we will ask amiss. And God knows when we are doubting. Doubting negates the prayer for abundance. And the law of attraction.

Ask for greater trust today. It will be a prayer in God’s will. And trusting ourselves–and Him–will bring joys that we heretofore have not allowed ourselves to contemplate.

Miracles Give Us Our Requests

“Lesson 339 [from A Course in Miracles Workbook] says, ‘I will receive whatever I request.’

“This is a true statement.  You will receive whatever you request.

“If this is not your experience, then something has gone wrong (‘if miracles are not occurring, then something has gone wrong’). God wills you perfect happiness.  He wills that all your troubles and pains disappear.  He wills you have everything you need in time.

. . .

“What are you asking for?”  Gorgeous for God:  Awakening through A Course in Miracles, by Lisa Natoli

Is this “pie in the sky” thinking? The quotation from A Course in Miracles is taken right from the New Testament, a quotation from Jesus given on this blog, along with Jesus’ picture. So I think we have to consider carefully that we aren’t asking in the right way if miracles don’t seem to be happening.

Our interpretation of the things that happen to us means a lot. If we ask in doubt, we are negating our request. We have to genuinely believe that what we are asking is in the right will and is welcomed by us. If we don’t welcome what we are asking, God knows enough to deny this thing for us.

But it is really ourselves who are doing the denial, because we have left out the step of believing. A Course in Miracles assumes that we believe when it says that we will receive. The formula, from the New Testament, is “ask, believe, receive.”

We may have doubts deep in our heart that what we are asking is not good for us, and this means that any believing we are doing is tainted.

Miracles do occur when we get on the right beam. Miracles are our birthright. And if we ask for a miracle and believe that this request will be honored, we have done all except “receive.” And receiving is the passive step; we don’t have to do anything more.

Are we asking for what we really want? Are we acting in good faith?

Then miracles will flow through our lives like water washing over a beach. We will know that God loves us and that He is ever-present to answer not only our needs, but our wants, too.

What Are We Asking for?

“You are the cause of everything that appears to happen to you.

“All of it.  The good times.  The bad times.  The pain.  The peace.  All the pleasure.  All the loneliness.  All the sickness.  All the chaos.  Your co-worker who is driving you crazy.  Your wife who is being a bitch.  Your husband who is having an affair.  Your love life, or lack of one.  The car accident you were in.  The store clerk who is rude to you.  All of it.  You want it.  You asked for it.  You got it.


“I’ll tell you what I want:

“I want the peace of God.  I want to be happy.  I want to be truly helpful.”  Gorgeous for God:  Awakening through A Course in Miracles, by Lisa Natoli

We are in the driver’s seat, something that we haven’t always known when we blamed God for things that went wrong. We can change anything that hurts–if not the physical pain, then we can take steps to alter our emotional experience of anything and everything that happens.

We don’t have to wait for things to be perfect in order to be happy. When we seek to wait for such a thing, we are lost in illusion.

We can be happy, in the peace of God, helping others (and ourselves), and doing so from a standpoint of an imperfect life.

All lives are imperfect. The struggle of life is part of its attraction, for we are boisterous angels who sought challenges when we reincarnated here.

Remember that we are growing by our challenges. And growth is our will, as well as the will of God Who dwells deep within each of us.

“Hootlessness” – Be Willing to Have It So

“Robert had made a personal discovery about hootlessness years earlier.  He found that if he really needed or wanted some material object to be his, the first thing to do was to articulate clearly in his mind exactly what it was that he wanted.  The second and most important step was to expel any feelings of need or want, just let it go.  Then, sooner or later, whatever he wanted would materialize!  Whenever he could do this, he enjoyed amazing results.  Conversely, if he fretted or lusted after it, it would never happen.  It was a revelation to him when he heard this phenomenon explained by the Sedona Method.”  The Sedona Method, by Hale Dwoskin

Hale Dwoskin, who wrote The Sedona Method based on ideas of Lester Levinson, defines “hootlessness” to mean a particular sense of “not caring” about the outcome. It sounds paradoxical, and it is. If we accept whatever outcome occurs, we are letting reality be “willing to have it so.” This idea is the most centering aspect of the law of attraction that we could imagine. We don’t get ourselves all tangled up with potent desire. We ask, and then we settle back and wait for a response from the universe. And the universe delivers.

If the law doesn’t seem to be working, we are asking for something that we, in our deepest heart of hearts, think (or know) that we can’t have. We are doubting its manifestation.

We can’t fool God. If we latch upon something very farfetched, our divine, inner nature knows that we are just playing around. If we find something that has a place in our heart, and we release our urgent desire for it–just let it be–then the desire may well manifest.

Accept Jubilant Thoughts

“[The individual] actually creates his own environment, but this environment is created by him according to conceptions received telepathically now, in childhood, in infancy, and even before birth.”  Jane Roberts, The Early Sessions, Book 2 of the Seth Material

We do get inklings from others and even from God about how we ought to proceed to form our environment. These inklings come to our minds and hearts telepathically. We have a thought about what we want to think, say, or do–and we don’t actually know from where this thought originated. At earlier points in our lives, we have also been primed by what has come to us telepathically.

This is an important insight. If we agree with what we have received telepathically, we proceed to actualize that thought. If we don’t agree, we can certainly turn aside from what the telepathy is saying. It is important to note in this regard that we live in an open universe in which thoughts are exchanged just all the time. We must have discernment to determine which ones we want to accept and make real in our environment.

If we accept depressed thoughts, we are going to adopt depression for ourselves. On the other hand, if we accept jubilant thoughts, our world will get better. It is up to invite and then accept the jubilant thoughts–if that is what we want. Most of us do want just that.

Ask for happy thoughts to surround us today. Ask to create our environment from these happy thoughts, lodged deep in our heart. We are attracting these intuitions, these inklings.

And we have what we attract.

That is the law of attraction in operation in a larger sense than we usually think of it. The law is indeed, as Rhonda Byrne has said, “perfect.”

Healing our Thoughts

“We have all heard of the power of ‘the laying on of hands,’ and most of us know how soothing hands stroking our temples can lessen the intensity of a headache.  Can this be due to some form of electrical energy flowing form our finger ends?  The Bible tells of numerous instances where healing was accomplished by the touch of Jesus’ hand.”  The Magic of Believing, by Claude Bristol

If we stroke our temples, we can also use the energy in our hands to metaphorically transfer healing to our thoughts. After all, our thoughts have attracting power, too. Many of us know how we can get a day started out wrong by the power of getting up on the wrong side of the bed. If we stroke our temples, we are close to our brain, and we can easily make the transfer to a better way of thinking, a better avalanche of thoughts.

We often don’t realize that it is the thought that makes for the feelings that we are experiencing. Our feelings are our lightning rod; they ground us in the truth of what we are attracting through what we are thinking. When we heal with our fingertips, we are imagining that we can transform a day into something better by realizing that we are the ones in the driver’s seat. We make the choices; we attract what is going on in the outer world.

Heal our thoughts today, especially when our feelings are telling us that we have allowed our thoughts to go awry. Stroke our temples; let the imagery here be suggestive of Jesus’ healing touch.

When we heal our thoughts into positivity, we attract the good, the beautiful, and the holy. Our thoughts then become our friends, no longer something to fear–but to love.


“Every drama in your outer life is a reflection of a drama in your inner life.  Every person you are interacting with in your outer life symbolizes an interaction of energy that is going on within you.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

The inner dictates the outer, and this is as true with the law of attraction as anything else. From what we hold within, we choose our outer life. If we hold good ideas inside, especially good ideas prompted by the heart, we will walk a green earth. Everything will come up roses for us, for we have learned–discovered–how to live.

Keep in mind that the attitudes we harbor inside do determine what shows up on the outside. We are attracting the outside from our inside.

Let good dramas hold sway. Fill our minds and hearts with happy thoughts and feelings, and we will know how true the law of attraction really is.