Universe Is God

“. . .[T]he relationship you have to your own thinking is the most significant factor in determining the quality of your life.  The reason:  Your thinking directs the way you feel.  The feeling you live in depends entirely on where your focus of attention lies.  If you learn to focus on and feel grateful for what you have in each moment, that thought process will become habit itself.  Similarly, when you focus on what is lacking or wrong with your life, you will always find a way to attract even more of what you don’t like.”  Richard Carlson

When we keep our mind focusing on what we like, what we enjoy, we are heading into using the law of attraction is a good way.  If we focus on the things that seemingly go wrong, then we are attracting more of the same.

When we allow our intuition to rise to the surface, we are touching God.  His comforting Presence makes everything alright, even the supposedly bad things.  He will see us through.  He is the Universe that we talk about with the law of attraction, for everything is He.  We are made of “God-stuff,” through and through, though we are finite, with finite minds.  Our hearts, though, can envision the true and good Who is God.  We don’t need proof of His existence when we listen to our heart.  The heart just knows.

Lift our thoughts today, and when this happens, the feelings will follow.  We will be on the road home to enlightenment, our truest experience of God.  And when we “feel” God, we are attracting the very best that the Universe can offer.


Seek Emotional Health in the Positive

You must want your emotional health even more than you want to get rid of your emotional distress.  Remember, your attention is the key to your success.  If your attention is on how much you want to get rid of your pain, then your attention is on your pain.  But if you attention is directed toward your healthy functioning, your inner peace, that is exactly where you will be headed.”  Richard Carlson

The law of attraction works for our emotions, too.  When we focus on healthy emotions, we attract those; when we focus on negative emotions, we get those instead.  There is no other way to understand the power of the law of attraction.  What we focus on materializes.  Where we put the stress, we actualize.

If we focus on pain, wanting it to end, then we are focusing on what we want to get rid of, but ironically, we draw that pain closer to ourselves.  It takes only a slight shift in emphasis to say, and feel, that we want to remain healthy in our emotions, we want to feel good, happy, secure, satisfied.  If we think “pain,” we need to say a silent “halt,” or “cancel,” or whatever word works for us.  We will soon discover what that word is.  And then we are home free, contented with what the law of attraction is bringing to us.

Focus on the positive.  When we remain “up” in affect, in emotions, we see the way that we will live when all of our thoughts have been purified.

Small Steps toward Dreams

“If we are addicted to the stress and worry of trying to make things happen, we are positively phobic about avoiding the free-fall of letting things happen.  Surrender control?  Not if we can help it.  For people who are addicted to worry, which gives them a sense of safety because it is so familiar and prevents them from letting their imagination roam too freely, the willingness to receive the ‘part’ of partnership can be nearly as hard as the asking.

“This is why starting small is such a good idea.  The big dream might be going to graduate school.  Starting small might be finding out about schools and sending off for brochures.  There is usually one small step we can take in the direction of a dream.  When we do, the Universe often takes several more.  Our willingness is following this lead.”  Julia Cameron, The Vein of Gold

There are many things in life that are best approached through small steps.  If our dream is truly large, we can keep a record of the many teeny steps that we need to take to get there.  But we won’t know in advance what those steps will be.  We take a step that we know, wait and listen to guidance, and then take the next right step.  It is a piecemeal process.

When we imagine a truly big dream, we can scare ourselves with the implications.  There is a stern warning in this, for doubts may arise that we can do it at all, do the dream at all.  And this halts the law of attraction from working for us.  So we know that we need to avoid the doubts.

Take teeny steps, those that we can take in peace and confidence.  The longest journey begins with the first step.

Be Ye Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind

“What you think, what you have been thinking over a long period of time, what you are going to think in the days ahead will determine precisely what you are and the kind of world you live in.  What you think determines what you become.

“Change your thoughts and you will change your world.  Change your thoughts correctly and everything will change into inner peace, happiness and personal power.

“‘Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.’  (Romans 12:2.)   No wiser thing was ever said.  You can transform yourself, the world in which you live, your home conditions, your business conditions, in fact your whole life, by a spiritual renewing of your thoughts.”  Norman Vincent Peale, A Guide to Confident Living

We know intuitively that what we think, we become.  Yet it is hard to master our thoughts, for they are like little puppies who want to wander away from home.   It is hard to make a determination that one will always think lightness and joy; habits of negative thinking die hard.

If we choose a word of negation when we realize that we have dipped into the negative—just saying, “Cancel!” or “Halt!” or “Stop!,” then we will have a method to overcome our madness.  We will be on the right trek, finally.  I often tell myself, when dipping into the negative, “Just go with the flow,” and “Don’t make a big deal out of it.”  These two sentences, when used in conjunction with each other, often turn my mind to a happier place.  It IS possible to trim our negative thoughts, replacing them with something much brighter.

Our mind will then be renewed.   We can let our heart inform our mind, for our heart never falls into the wrong place.  Our heart doesn’t need proofs about God.  Our heart intuitively understands that there is Someone greater than we ourselves, Someone Who created us.

When we turn our heart, and then our mind, to that Someone, we are finally getting in step with the music of the cosmos.


“But do not be alarmed.  The Bible also constantly reiterates another great truth, ‘That which I have greatly believed has come upon me.’  It does not make that statement in so many words, and yet again and again and still again the Bible tells us that if we have faith ‘nothing is impossible’ unto us, and ‘according to your faith be it done unto you.’  So if you shift your mind from fear to faith you will stop creating the object of your fear and will, instead, actualize the object of your faith.  Surround your mind with healthy thoughts, thoughts of faith, and not fear, and you will produce faith results instead of fear results.”  Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking

Spirituality confronts the law of attraction through the idea of belief with great intensity, belief that is supported by faith in God, faith in our brothers and sisters, and faith in ourselves.   We know that when we fear something, we do attract that negative thing.  This is the impersonal nature of the law of attraction.  But when we simply step aside from the fear, give it no credence, then our minds and hearts are primed for the replacement of fear by faith.  The only thing stronger than fear is the love in our hearts that resides there because of our faith in the benevolent nature of the universe.  When we believe that we live in a friendly universe, we are ready for anything.  And the very best of that anything comes to us.

Norman Vincent Peale was a popular minister and writer of the last century.  His practical brand of Christianity took the most serene and peaceful parts of the Bible, and married them to positive thinking.  It is this positivity that allows the law of attraction to work for us now, too.  When we fall into negativity, we attract just that.  But positivity, supported by religious faith, sets us up to receive all good things from a benevolent cosmos.

Drop fear by substituting faith in a Power greater than ourselves.  We know that we did not make ourselves, did not create ourselves.  Might not there be Someone Who did?  Someone Who loves to give us our heart’s desire?

Money to Support Dreams

“‘I wish my husband would support my dreams,’ a student complained to me. ‘He did offer to pay for  me to take my master’s, but I’d like his emotional support.’

“For some people, money is their version of emotional support.  We must learn to let people give what they can instead of demanding they give what we wish.”  Julia Cameron, The Vein of Gold

We sometimes expect what will not come, even using the law of attraction.  And we grumble about our desires not being met.  Actually, we know already when our desires will not be met, we have strong doubts, and this in itself cancels any attraction that we might summon up.

There are some times when we need to give the others in our lives some slack, letting them give to us what is most comfortable to them.  If it is money, as in this anecdote, when we are grateful for money.  We are simply beating our head against a wall when we ask for what we know will not come about.  This is conflict, and conflict denies the law of attraction.

Gratefulness means that we summon courage to be strong in the face of blessings that might be different from our fondest wish.   Our fondest wish is that we be happy and contented, at peace and feeling joy, and when we niggle about the way in which our gifts come to us, we are walking up the wrong path.

Accept money, if that is what our loved ones want to give.  Emotional support can come from a place other than our nearest and dearest.

Your Life Is What Your Thoughts Make of It

“A man’s world is not primarily made of the circumstances that surround him.  The kind of thoughts he thinks determines the exact kind of world in which he lives.  You are not what you think you are, but what you think, you are.

“The wisest men of all time have said this.  Nineteen hundred years ago there lived a Roman Emperor by the name of Marcus Aurelius.  He has been called the wisest man of the Roman Empire.  On his long marches and military campaigns, he sat by his campfire writing his thoughts.  These thoughts were gathered together in a book called The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, one of the greatest heritages from antiquity.  And one of the greatest things that this wise man said is this:  ‘Your life is what your thoughts make of it.’”  – Norman Vincent Peale, A Guide to Confident Living

Marcus Aurelius knew “the secret.”  And, like many others from long ago, he wrote it down.  It is just awaiting our discovery.  “Your life is what your thoughts make of it.”

This sentence is another way of describing the law of attraction.  When we write affirmations, even when we say them, we are changing our thoughts.  When we write our list of desired manifestations, and mull over them, we are changing our thoughts.  The world will note the difference.  So will the cosmos, God Himself.  Our present and future is determined by what we think, and what we have been thinking.

If our thoughts stay positive (as Norman would say, author of The Power of Positive Thinking), we are on the right road.  If we dwell on the negative, we will, conversely, draw that negative thing to ourselves.

Let’s keep our thoughts uplifted today.

There is no better way to live.  Not other “right” way.