As One Thinketh. . .

“[T]he importance of the role thinking plays in our lives is not all that new.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs 23:7, ‘For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he. . .’  Centuries ago Gautama Buddha said, ‘Mind is everything.  We become what we think.’ And the Roman Emperor philosopher Marcus Aurelius declared, ‘Our life is what our thoughts make it.’“William James, turn-of-the-century [20th century] professor of philosophy, psychology, and anatomy of Harvard University, said, ‘The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.’”  Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Living

These well-known thinkers of the past were thinking of the law of attraction, though not calling it that.  The mind reaches forth, and lo, that which is beyond us comes into our lives.  As we think, and we get our most passionate thoughts (which work best) when our heart is engaged.

It may seem hard to monitor our thoughts, and we really don’t have to do so.  If we are feeling well, and positively, we are on the right track.  If we are in a cranky mood, then beware!  For the negativity will reach forth, and that which we do not want may tumble into our lives.

Keep to the positive, let the mind engaged with passion of the heart, determine our lives.

That’s the law of attraction in a nutshell.



“You attract situations into your life to learn from them.  One way to change every situation for the better is by responding with love.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

As ever on the spiritual pathway (and the spiritual pathway works best for the law of attraction), we are encouraged to respond with love. If we knew, if we believed, that our love for others, and God, and our self, would make everything better, wouldn’t we be encouraged to respond with love just all the time?

Give the soft answer if confronted with anger. Relax into God’s arms, and let Him tell us how to act.

He will not disappoint.

And every facet of life will get better.

Fear — and Love

“[A]s you focus on something, you draw it out.  What you fear you draw to you.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

If what we fear, we draw to ourselves–then certainly we want to draw in love only.  But how do we get a stubborn fear out of our minds/hearts?

First, paradoxically, we focus on the fear.  We invite it by asking, metaphorically, of it what it wants of us.  We don’t draw back, because this creates even more fear.  We rest in the certainty that when we look on fear directly, fear loses its power over us.

We need to focus on the love in our lives, and we all have some–though we may focus on the one person who doesn’t return our love.  This is counter-productive.  There are always sources of love in our lives, and there is always God.  If we don’t blame Him for the things that go wrong for us, we will automatically and assuredly love His Entity.

Turn to God if love seems illusive. He never leaves us or forsakes us.  His way works, and nothing else does.

Magnetic Thoughts

“Every thought you send out is magnetic because it creates and brings to you events, people, and things.  It does so by resonating with those things you think of and thus what you draw to yourself.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

This quotation is an exact description of what happens when we are attracting material things.  The magnetic thought resonates with the material object, and sooner or later, if one’s mind/heart stays positive, we draw that thing unto ourselves.

I might add that it works with emotions, too.  If we think of another person, we are very likely to draw unto ourselves what is in their thoughts/feelings.  If the other person is quite happy, we will find ourselves buoyed as well.  But depressed feelings conjure up the reverse.

This is why a whole household can be happy or depressed.  It is not genes so much as attraction, the law of attraction.

Experiencing Other People’s Broadcasts

“If you are idly thinking of other people, you draw in whatever feeling they have or whatever level of thought they carry at that time.  If they are in pain, you draw it in.  That is why it is important when you think of other people to send them love, for when you are sending love or thinking of them with loving feelings you cannot pick up their broadcast.  If you notice people coming into your mind, radiate love to them and then let go of any thoughts of them.  Do not dwell on their situation or what is happening in their lives; do not make their reality your own.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

If we want to experience only good feelings when we think of others, we need to be in a loving frame of mind/heart. We live in an open universe; actually nothing is kept secret from our subconscious minds. When others are in a bad place, and we think of them, we will draw their feelings to ourselves. This is the unsettling truth.

We sometimes wonder why we become uneasy in our thoughts about another. We are drawing in their pain with the law of attraction. Send a loving thought in their direction, and we will bless them and be, once again, in peace ourselves.

Love Is like the Warm Sun that Shines on the Ice

“One way to discover fear is to take something you want to create, but fear you cannot, and list all the reasons why you cannot create it.  Then, turn those reasons into positive statements of why you can create what you want.  You will find that fear dissolves in the light of consciousness.  Love is like the warm sun that shines on the ice; it melts and dissolves any barriers, any areas of pain.  Like the ice, your fears will turn to water and evaporate.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

If you are having fears about something you want, then there is a barrier that will keep you from having it. Fear inhibits, always. Sanaya’s exercise will eliminate the barrier because it will eliminate the fear. So do write down exactly why you think you can’t have something you want. Be specific and very detailed. After your list is complete, go back over it, and turn those negative, fearful thoughts into positive ones. Why CAN you have what you really want?

You will think of many reasons, once this exercise is complete, why you can have what you want. And the block in your thinking will have been removed, paving the way for the law of attraction to do its wondrous work.

 Inner Wisdom

“Develop the ability to produce a true picture of things as they really are and it will help you create what you want in physical reality.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

What does a “true picture” of  “things as they really are” show us?  It means that we are not fooling ourselves with rosy pictures if things are going badly, of course.  But more to the point, we are not looking upon true reality with a jaundiced view, seeing problems that could be easily solved if we consult our Inner Wisdom.

A friend counsels having a dialogue with our Inner Wisdom when we want to know the real truth of things.  We start with a question that begs for an Answer, then we listen in the silence for what our intuition prompts.  As the intuition develops on paper or computer, usually in very simple and straight-forward words, we see a solution to any problem arise.

This sounds easy, and it is.  Our faith that it will actually work might be the only thing holding us back.  

See reality as it truly is.  When we have a true picture of what we are encountering, we are then encouraged to visualize the better future.

That is all that is necessary.

You Will Be Flooded with New Insights

“Focus on what you want rather than what you do not want.  Once you have demonstrated to the Universe that you intend to go higher, you will be flooded with new insights on what to do.  The Universe will begin to show you the way.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

This special word is very, very important to successful use of the law of attraction.  When something has gone wrong, it is so very easy to absentmindedly focus on that usually teeny thing, and thereby draw more of it to ourselves.

We need not to do this!  With a slight shift in thinking, we can contemplate what we DO want, and focus on just that.  With an emphasis.

The change to something better is immediate and very obvious.  We will be blessed by the Universe (read God), and we will be shown the way.  We are dealing here with a very fundamental law of the Universe, the way things are meant to be carried out.

Don’t waste anymore time lamenting what has gone wrong.  Focus on how to rectify the wrong, what is the thing that we want, and all of life will shift into something that we really want.

Our Evolutionary Path

“Realize that you draw other people into your life to play out certain roles with you that will help you evolve.  Let go of any anger or blame you have toward them.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

When we draw other people toward us, we are using the law of attraction.  The enemies we develop in life may just be playing out a script that we helped write.  There is much “insanity” in the world that we don’t recognize as being mentally ill.  It is often this that makes for all the anger and blame we encounter.

We are on an evolutionary pathway, always seeking to improve the record we have made of our various lives.  This karmic record has much negativism in it, but when we implore God for mercy, then the law of grace enters in.  We no longer have to meet an eye with an eye, a tooth with a tooth.  God’s grace saves us all.

Discover how to live better by drawing to ourselves the solution as well as the problem, the problem being people that push our buttons.

There is a way out, and turning to the positive helps to find that way out.  We then attract the good things that we recognize as God’s blessings.  His grace sustains us through thick and thin; we are saved by His grace from fates that give us grief.

Sending Out Vibes

“Another person cannot hurt you unless you are hurting yourself.  You cannot be betrayed, undervalued, or unloved unless you are doing it to yourself by not valuing and loving yourself.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

This quotation stands behind the law of attraction because of our own focus.  We are indeed sending out vibes of negativity that attract similar negativity from our brothers and sisters in this world.

The obvious solution is to develop a better self-image–to love ourselves, as the New Testament encourages.  But remember that the New Testament says to love others as we love ourselves, and if we develop good habits, we will do just that.

If our focus continues to be on what is wrong with our lives, we will continue to attract that which hurts.  

When we raise our sights to a better place, then we change everything.

Do so today.  Practice doing so.