Living in Love to Create the Good

“I speak from the perspective of one who is an awakened Christ, who already knows how to birth universes to create that which is holy, good, and beautiful. I know that this is the way. It is the only way. Release the value you have attached to your experiences. . . and spend your time instead deciding which pebbles you are going to drop into the field of your mind. For you will create as the result of what you choose to think today. And what you value today will show itself to you tomorrow.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 9, Page 117)

If we don’t monitor our minds today, to create in this world the type of experiences that we long to have, then our tomorrows will disappoint us. This world responds to what we focus upon, something that is the law of attraction in operation. We need to lift our hearts and minds in love for what we encounter, even if that something seems sometimes to disappoint. God will do the rest. He will see that our experiences improve as our mind slant improves. It is just that simple.

Drop pebbles of contentment into our minds. This will turn around the things that have made us suffer; this will work. It takes some effort to turn around a negative mind slant, but we have the wherewithal to do so. Let’s make a decision today to live in the peace of God. Let’s make a decision to live in contentment, regardless of what this day brings.

Our decisions make our destiny. When we make a decision to love, then the peace of God descends upon us.

And we are happy.

Choose Again

“What you will experience in your tomorrows is only the effect of which pebbles you are choosing to drop into the field of your awareness as thoughts now.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 8, Page 104)

We often don’t think we are in control of our thoughts, but if not us, then who? It takes great patience to watch our thoughts, but do it we must, if we are to have good days. What we focus on, our awareness of what is in our world, determines what we see. Choose carefully, for our awareness will bring those things focused upon into our little world.

We can choose anew at any time. Let’s do so today if regretful things crowd into our minds and hearts. Spend a moment or two reassessing what we wish to have in our experience. Then choose again.

That is all.

Longings Point to What Our Soul Wants for Us

“In doing this you become aware of ‘lack’ of that which is not there.  Take note of the pain in you because of this, but do not dwell on the sense of lack or dissatisfaction.  This is not an exercise to make you feel bad.  Rather focus on the longings you have and realize deeply that this is what your soul wants for you.  Be convinced that these longings point in the direction of what your soul has planned to do in this lifetime.  You will be supported by the universe to make it come true.”  The Jeshua Channelings, by Pamela Kribbe

Our longings are actually a potent source for knowing what our soul really wants for us.  Pamela says, “You will be supported by the universe to make it come true.”  It is important to go deeply within when we sense a longing.  In our deepest heart of hearts, do we really want this thing for which we feel longing?  If the longing is superficial, then it is not our deepest desire.

“Lack” is often not really what it seems to be.  There is divine timing in everything, and sometimes a long time goes by in which we seem to have lacks.  Our soul knows things that we do not.  Our deepest Self, the soul, chooses that which will benefit us the most in the long run—not the short term.

If we sense pain in our longings, don’t dwell overly on this.  As Pamela says, “This is not an exercise to make you feel bad.”  The pain is here to show us something, to allow us to discover what instead would actually make us very happy.  So listen to the feelings, be guided by intuition.

Our soul knows what we need.  We don’t always.  But we can ask questions of our deepest being, and thereby find that our “lacks” are miraculously supplied.

Just ask.  Answers will be provided.


“Experiencing the flow of enough means that you enjoy what you have in the Now.  All of you know that to experience abundance is a subjective state of mind.  It depends on the circumstances.  The amount of material abundance that you have does not necessarily relate to the amount of pleasure you experience.  Experiencing abundance is not about being rich; it is about experiencing riches in all that surrounds you.   You have to discover for yourself the kind of material abundance that satisfies and fulfills you.  For some people this could mean living on their own in a secluded hut where they can enjoy nature to the full.  For others it implies a luxurious place in town where they enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.  There is no judgment on this from our side, from God or from Spirit.”  The Jeshua Channelings, by Pamela Kribbe

Pamela amplifies a thought that resonates with me:  The amount of material blessings doesn’t determine how happy we will be.  We must, instead, adjust our wants to the life that we want to have.  Then, when we ask sincerely, we are in the flow, and our focus will bring the degree of materialism that we want and need.

If we are insecure, no amount of material objects will make us think that we have “enough.”  We will fret over what we have and whether or not it will disappear from our lives.

We don’t want this insecurity to short-circuit our focus.  We need to realize that God’s blessings are a free offer, that He is always here with us, cheering us on.  When we ask for guidance about what to manifest, we ask aright.  We will not be inundated with blessings that are beyond the scope of what can reasonably enjoy in comfort.

We will have just the right amount.

Focus on a Right Thing that Doesn’t Elicit Doubt

“The number of thoughts you put into something and the intensity of emotional energy you have about something are important elements in determining how quickly you create it.  The emotional desire you have to achieve something is very important.  Emotions propel thoughts into reality by their intensity.  You need to maintain a consistent focus and desire and sustain it over a period of time to manifest what you want.  The less doubt you have about getting something the more rapidly it will come.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

Yes, doubt is the killer, as Sanaya says.  But we can’t fool ourselves, trying, hope against hope, to have something that just doesn’t, in our heart of hearts, feel right.  If we doubt, maybe there is good reason for that doubt.  Maybe what we are trying to manifest is just the wrong thing.

How do we move to what is right?  We commune with our depths.  We center ourselves.  Ask some pertinent questions.  We might best do this questioning on paper, journaling about what we really want and why.  If we feel a rightness as we journal, we are on the beam.  What we are journaling about is the will of the Universe for us as well.

We can go against what a Higher Power would like us to have, but to do so is to risk peril.  We may not be ready for this good thing that we are asking for.

Seek discernment in our wishes to manifest.  Test out, if possible, whether or not this “right” thing is really right.

Our innermost thoughts and feelings will take us home to the right pathway to our dreams.

Think Numerous Thoughts of the Positive

“Most of you think about something once, maybe two or three times a day, and then you wonder why it takes so long to get it.  Thoughts are energy.  The more you think about something, the more energy you bring forth from your inner world to create what you want to manifest in the outer world.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

So numbers make a difference!  Sanaya makes this plain.  It is another way of saying that our focus is what we will get.  What we focus on.

We need to be certain that the thoughts that fill our minds are the very things that we want.  If we allow stray thoughts to mushroom in our minds, especially if these stray thoughts are fears, we will be in for trouble.  We can let the negative thoughts rest lightly on our mind, rise above our negativity.

“We will rise above,” was a statement that a friend and I said to each other in college when something bad came along.  I still use the sentence, speaking the words to myself, when needed.  It works.  It changes the focus on negative to positive, and it reminds that I can cope.

Cope today with our lives.  Let go of the idea that we aren’t strong enough to overcome the negative thoughts that tend to crowd in.  Remember that when we focus on the positive constantly, the positive is what will manifest.

Let the positive manifest today.


“For five or ten minutes a day at the most, then, use natural hypnosis as a method of accepting desired new beliefs.  During that period concentrate your attention as vividly as possible upon one simple statement.  Repeat it over and over while focusing upon it for this time.  Try to feel the statement in whatever way is possible—that is, do not allow distractions, but if your mind insists upon running about then channel its images in line with your declaration.”  The Nature of Personal Reality (a Seth Book), by Jane Roberts

Seth is here emphasizing a potent form of affirmation.  In this passage he also recommends that one do this exercise for 30 days, even if it seems to be working well.  Seth believes that hypnosis is active all the time for us, that we are hallucinating the world in which we find ourselves.

I sometimes have difficulty sleeping, and I have been trying, for a number of days, the affirmation, “I sleep smoothly, easily, and peacefully all through the night.”  I can attest to a considerable improvement.  I still wake up several times a night, but I say the affirmation then, and also say, “I am getting very, very sleepy.”  This lulls me to sleep.

I recommend Seth’s proscription.  Certainly there is no harm in trying.  It follows along with the law of attraction, in that what we focus on tends to come true.