Changed World

“The overall private experience that you perceive forms your world, period.  But which world do you inhabit?  For if you altered your beliefs and therefore your private sensations of reality, then that world, seemingly the only one, would also change.  You do go through transformations of beliefs all the time, and your perceptions of the world is different.  You seem to be, no longer, the person that you were.  You are quite correct—you are not the person that you were, and your world has changed, and not just symbolically.”  The Nature of Personal Reality (a Seth Book), by Jane Roberts

          There is depth in what Jane Roberts’ Seth is saying in this passage.  Basically, Seth’s well-known dictum, “You create your own reality,” is echoed in what is here said.  When our beliefs change, we change, and when we change, we transform the world in which we live.  Mass beliefs create the outer world, but we have large sway there.  And likewise in our little worlds, the familiar surroundings of our daily living.

          If we want a change through the law of attraction, we must believe that change is possible.  This belief will accelerate the change, indeed make it possible.


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