Emotion & the Law of Attraction

“The more you can believe you will have something, get excited, picture it in your mind, use your emotions of joy, excitement, and anticipation, the more quickly it will come.  However, remember that emotions of fear and doubt also create what they focus on, because you are thinking of them over and over.  When you fear something, you are thinking of what you do not want to happen, and it fills up a box labeled ‘What I do not want to happen,’ and sure enough, that box becomes full and then becomes reality.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

Emotion is a drawing card for the law of attraction.  But negative emotion draws, too, and so Sanaya has for us here a stern warning.  If we can get busy the next time some negativity comes into our minds, then we will stay positive and bring only good things to ourselves.

Focus on what you want.  Don’t think a moment about what you don’t want.

Of course, this is not always easy.  Especially when we worry, which tends to be obsessive.  All of that focus on something bad is a real problem for many of us.

Choose to change your thought.  Move off the obsessive worry.  Dwell on what makes us happy.

And soon we will have many more things to make us happy.


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