All that We Are Is a Result of What We Have Thought

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”  Buddha

Sometimes we believe that if we change behavior, we will have improved ourselves and by the improvement get more of what we want.  This is particularly prevalent in ideas of acting “as if,” because acting “as if” is behavior-motivated.

But it is with our thoughts that we need to work.  This changing cause, not effect.  Behavior is the effect, and you can’t switch these two around and expect to get anywhere.

When we need to improve our life situation, we need to go within and contemplate.  What exactly needs to change in our thought?  And what new thoughts do we need to have that will change everything?

Our reading will help us in this regard.  But the advice of the Holy Spirit, the internal Source, will help us much, much more.

Be still, and see what ideas for transformation occur to us.

We will be deeply inspired.  Not to mention deeply surprised.


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