Experiencing Other People’s Broadcasts

“If you are idly thinking of other people, you draw in whatever feeling they have or whatever level of thought they carry at that time.  If they are in pain, you draw it in.  That is why it is important when you think of other people to send them love, for when you are sending love or thinking of them with loving feelings you cannot pick up their broadcast.  If you notice people coming into your mind, radiate love to them and then let go of any thoughts of them.  Do not dwell on their situation or what is happening in their lives; do not make their reality your own.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

If we want to experience only good feelings when we think of others, we need to be in a loving frame of mind/heart. We live in an open universe; actually nothing is kept secret from our subconscious minds. When others are in a bad place, and we think of them, we will draw their feelings to ourselves. This is the unsettling truth.

We sometimes wonder why we become uneasy in our thoughts about another. We are drawing in their pain with the law of attraction. Send a loving thought in their direction, and we will bless them and be, once again, in peace ourselves.


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