Magnetic Thoughts

“Every thought you send out is magnetic because it creates and brings to you events, people, and things.  It does so by resonating with those things you think of and thus what you draw to yourself.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

This quotation is an exact description of what happens when we are attracting material things.  The magnetic thought resonates with the material object, and sooner or later, if one’s mind/heart stays positive, we draw that thing unto ourselves.

I might add that it works with emotions, too.  If we think of another person, we are very likely to draw unto ourselves what is in their thoughts/feelings.  If the other person is quite happy, we will find ourselves buoyed as well.  But depressed feelings conjure up the reverse.

This is why a whole household can be happy or depressed.  It is not genes so much as attraction, the law of attraction.


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