Be Glad for What We Have Already Attracted

“You can only feel happy if you shift your focus from what you think would give you happiness and pay attention to what you have.  When you do, you’ll get the great feeling you’ve been looking for.  Despite how obvious this seems, most of us do just the opposite.  Instead of learning to appreciate what we have, we continue believing that the next fulfilled desire or the next achievement will be different.  The next one really will bring us joy!”  Shortcut through Therapy, by Richard Carlson

It is obvious that getting at least some of what we desire, through the law of attraction, will make us happier—or at least give us the potential to be happier.  But if we constantly up the ante, wanting one thing after another, never stopping to appreciate the last thing we got, we are going to lead ourselves into a dismal existence.  We certainly won’t be happy if we don’t focus on what we already have, at least to a great extent.

We are practicing unhappiness when we constantly ask for more, never stopping to enjoy what we have, right here and now, in the present.

We will be focusing on the wrong thing.  And a wrong focus does invoke the law of attraction, but in a negative way.  And we might never realize what is going on; we would just remain unhappy.

Be glad for what we have already attracted.  Live in the present with our many goods, our blessings.  Ask for something more only after living contentedly with what we have already received.  Give it time.  A fretful, agonizing desire for more is insatiable.  And with the fretfulness comes a lack of joy.

On the contrary, a contented life, lived with gratitude, offers us the happiness that the law of attraction is meant to give.  God wants to fulfill our desires, but He wants some indication that our joys are rooted in sanity.  Our true sanity would have us live most of the time in the present, where happiness can truly be found.


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