Be Joyous when We Seek to Attract

“Having faith in yourself, and letting go of memories when things did not work, will help you open to more abundance.  If you must think of the past, think of those times you were powerful and creative.  Go into your heart and ask whether you feel you deserve all the joy and love that is awaiting you on your path of higher purpose.”  Living with Joy, by Sanaya Roman

We need to go to our heart when we are invoking the law of attraction.  Do we feel we deserve what we are asking for?  If we have doubts about whether or not what we think we want is right for us, we will negate the thoughts that would draw our desired thing to us.  Doubt kills.

Think back, if you must think back at all, to those times when we were powerful and creative.  Don’t dwell on our weakest times, for these are killers of the dream.  Focus on the times when we were on top of the world.  Focus on those things that came to us so easily and effortlessly at such times.  Then replicate the feelings.

It is just that easy.  Good moods enhance our draw to the good life.  Good moods, if founded in our hearts, bring the best to us.


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