Our Evolutionary Path

“Realize that you draw other people into your life to play out certain roles with you that will help you evolve.  Let go of any anger or blame you have toward them.”  Personal Power through Awareness, by Sanaya Roman

When we draw other people toward us, we are using the law of attraction.  The enemies we develop in life may just be playing out a script that we helped write.  There is much “insanity” in the world that we don’t recognize as being mentally ill.  It is often this that makes for all the anger and blame we encounter.

We are on an evolutionary pathway, always seeking to improve the record we have made of our various lives.  This karmic record has much negativism in it, but when we implore God for mercy, then the law of grace enters in.  We no longer have to meet an eye with an eye, a tooth with a tooth.  God’s grace saves us all.

Discover how to live better by drawing to ourselves the solution as well as the problem, the problem being people that push our buttons.

There is a way out, and turning to the positive helps to find that way out.  We then attract the good things that we recognize as God’s blessings.  His grace sustains us through thick and thin; we are saved by His grace from fates that give us grief.


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