What Are We Asking for?

“You are the cause of everything that appears to happen to you.

“All of it.  The good times.  The bad times.  The pain.  The peace.  All the pleasure.  All the loneliness.  All the sickness.  All the chaos.  Your co-worker who is driving you crazy.  Your wife who is being a bitch.  Your husband who is having an affair.  Your love life, or lack of one.  The car accident you were in.  The store clerk who is rude to you.  All of it.  You want it.  You asked for it.  You got it.


“I’ll tell you what I want:

“I want the peace of God.  I want to be happy.  I want to be truly helpful.”  Gorgeous for God:  Awakening through A Course in Miracles, by Lisa Natoli

We are in the driver’s seat, something that we haven’t always known when we blamed God for things that went wrong. We can change anything that hurts–if not the physical pain, then we can take steps to alter our emotional experience of anything and everything that happens.

We don’t have to wait for things to be perfect in order to be happy. When we seek to wait for such a thing, we are lost in illusion.

We can be happy, in the peace of God, helping others (and ourselves), and doing so from a standpoint of an imperfect life.

All lives are imperfect. The struggle of life is part of its attraction, for we are boisterous angels who sought challenges when we reincarnated here.

Remember that we are growing by our challenges. And growth is our will, as well as the will of God Who dwells deep within each of us.


2 Replies to “What Are We Asking for?”

  1. I pray for peace and happiness, but all the chaos is within me. God created everyone as masterpieces..and it’s only we who mess up his work..now God is guiding me to be peaceful 🥰


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