“People are most fulfilled when they rejoice in what they have.  Those who lead the least fulfilling lives are constantly complaining about what’s wrong with their lives or what’s missing—regardless of how good their lives may appear.  How can we explain the fact that many people with apparently difficult lives feel a tremendous gratitude, and consequently enjoy their lives, while many others with apparently fortunate lives feel no gratitude whatsoever—and therefore fail to enjoy theirs?  The answer to this question is that gratitude is an attitude.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with what we have or don’t have, and everything to do with the attitude we take toward life.”  Richard Carlson

Rejoicing makes us happy, and happiness is a state of mind that attracts more rejoicing—just like the law of attraction says.  It may not be clear to us why gratitude is such an important component of living the good life.  Why would God want our gratitude?

I like to think of God as a new husband, eager to do things to please his wife.  When, John Gray says, a husband gets gratitude for the little things, that husband wants to do more.  Being thankful for what is elicits further goodies, in other words.

While God is beyond our finite minds, we can benefit from seeing that we are made in the image of the Creator.  So if we too enjoy being thanked for what we have done, then all of our thinking, mind and heart, is positive.  And positivity invokes the law of attraction for more good.  Negative attracts the wrong things.  And if we are ungrateful, we are being negative.

A full heart is a joy to experience.  And when we thank the Universe for the blessings that rain down upon our heads, we are living from a full heart.

Let the heart love.  It alone knows how.

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